Yourenigma – Tavi and Scratch – Synthesia
by DerpySquad, October 9, 2012 at 10:53 pm EST
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I was going to save this one for another few days to commemorate one year’s worth of pony music in this wonderful fandom I have found myself increasingly devoted to. However, I decided to jump the gun just a little bit. But wow. One year has nearly passed since I first uploaded Twilight Sparkle’s Mind. It’s been one hell of a ride and I want to thank each and everyone one of you who is watching for providing me with the inspiration, motivation and joy of listening to my work. It’s been an experience both exhilarating and humbling, and I have learned and AM learning so much about myself and my music through these pursuits. Here’s looking at another excellent year! THANK YOU!

Synthesia refers to many things in this case. It is a neurological condition, first and foremost, in which one experiences sensory stimulus in two pathways at the same time. “Hearing” colors is just one example. In the case of Tavi and Scratch, it represents that same synthesis, that coming together which has defined the series, defined the music and defined the characters.

Missing chapters means what? Contrived method of continuing my musical devotional to my favorite two background characters in the show? Oh hush. If you recall “Run to Her” though there were plenty of electronic elements in that track, that stage of the story focused quite exclusively on Octavia’s emotional experience. In stark contrast, I wanted Vinyl Scratch to be much moodier and perhaps a bit mysterious. What lay behind the purple goggles and a broken heart? I think it might sound like this…

I hope you enjoy “Synthesia.”