Yourenigma – No Wings, No Horns (No Problem) Ft. Sax Brony
by Doc, June 15, 2013 at 7:40 pm EST
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Songs like this make we want to pick up the alto saxophone again.

It’s been a while since any jazz happened on this channel. Far too long, I say! To herald its return, I got the help of one PHENOMNIAL sax player: The good Mr. Sax Brony.
Sax Brony’s Channel:…
This number is one I thought up about two months ago, playing with the whole “racist barn” meme for which I am extraordinarily late. You see…not EVERYONE is welcome in Applejack’s barn. She’s got some stipulations. I am also extraordinarily late in making any song whatsoever for everyone’s favorite Stetson-wearer. It’s about time, ladies and gentlemen.
It’s a Nujazz-y sort of track with a kind of dreamy, ethereal electronic middle section that I very much enjoyed. And I hope you do as well!
Wonderful artwork as always by: KrazytheFox