Yourenigma – Been Dreamin’ (You’ll See Me)
by Gums of Gabby, December 22, 2012 at 2:00 am EST
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As promised, here is the track that was debuted last night. Rainbow Dash hasn’t gotten a song from me since my second upload about a year ago. A confluence of recent events, her ambition, and the latest episode of season three have left me compelled to present her this musical ode. We all have our goals and aspirations. Keep dreaming. Keep waiting. Soar like Rainbow Dash.

It is also the first piece I have done that actually lacks a classically-themed introductory section. We cut right to the chase, Rainbow Dash style. I tried to give the synth some flight-like characteristics. See if that worked.

A rather dramatic central piano episode breaks things up and leads into a restatement of that main, sort of funky theme in the leads. As far as genre is concerned, I am not sure at all to be frank. The beat resembles that found in dubstep, but that’s about it. My name for it? DOVESTEP. Copyright. Trademark. Etc.

I hope you enjoy “Been Dreamin’ (You’ll See Me).”

1,000 thanks to Krazy for his gorgeous cover art –

Also massive credit to Junglepony for the background art –…

And finally, big thanks to “steeztracks” for his amazing tutorials!