Your Siblings Christmas Campaign Digest
by Telofy, December 26, 2011 at 10:36 pm EST
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By me, sort of

Over at Your Siblings—a pony-fabulous nonprofit you should totally donate to—we ran a Christmas campaign, asking artists to create works that convey the essence of our name:

Our name, Your Siblings, is to remind everyone to care for those in need, though often far away, like they were siblings. In our Christmas campaign, we want to encourage you to create a picture or video that conveys this message artistically.

We have received seventy-nine submissions from fifty-four artists, way too many to repost them all here. Have a little digest instead, after the break.

By Metrukuta

Oh, those clear, smooth lines. And there I thought ponies could only be made more cuddly by upping their furriness.

By Hewison

What an extravagant style. Also have a look at the background.

By Futtashy

This is a canvas painting by Futtashy of Bronies for Good. (The photo has weirded the colors a little.) I hadn’t even started the campaign when he agreed to do a painting for us and of us: Those two ponies in the last “frame,” as it were, are Lisa and I. Lisa is the founder and first chair of Your Siblings. Moreover, the proceeds from the painting will go to one of our charitable projects.

By Melipuffles

Have a look at her Pokémon drawings; they could almost live side by side in the same universe.

By AaronMk

AaronMk about this work: “The image is supposed to portray that no matter how dark things may seem there’s someone there to prop you up. I’ve seen this popping up a lot in the brony community and whenever a fellow brony is down on his or her luck and entered hard times the rest of the community will be there to support him or her with kind words and their support. It’s really rather moving. So I took this to a visual setting with my OC Rolling Colt. I think it was about time I started doing stuff like this or I’d drive myself mad.”

By Jamey-the-Hedgehog

I needn’t comment if I have nothing to add, right?

By Jen

By The Other Cody

Yeah! And incidentally, the board of Your Siblings is also completely vegetarian.

By MateusUK
By TheLunarArmy

Very touching. Rarity is not the only pony who can make truly meaningful gifts.

By WhiteBreeze0318

A suit! It’s probably Anonymous reaching out to the Equestrian ambassador.

By Mazikar

Mazikar alias Zach has made one of these cute drawings for us each day!

By Durandal

By ODarkDragon

To every artist who has contributed, whether their work is listed here or not: Thank you!

Also, merry Hearth’s Warming, and don’t forget to donate and stuff.