The Next Pony DJ
by PonyToast, June 21, 2013 at 11:54 pm EST
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The Next Pony DJ is a contest and a game and an audition. We are looking for talented and dedicated people to be our new disc jockeys for Fillydelphia Radio, Alicorn Radio, and Luna Radio. And best of all, the listeners will be the ones to decide who sticks around by voting on Twitter. The DJs will be put on teams, or “Parties”, and be trained by the other DJs and staff for the station affiliated with that party.

The top three DJs will be given DJ jobs on each of the stations.

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So right now we’re in phase 1. We need DJ’s to submit an application. In order to be eligible you must meet the following requirements:


Age requirement
You must be 18 years of age to participate in this contest.

Broadcasting software.
Currently we would prefer VirtualDJ, Deckadance, Serato, or Tracktor.

Internet connection
Must be 512 kbps or faster.

A pony music library
We reccomend the My Little Pony Music Archive. Songs played should be mp3 format, 128kbs.

It has to be a decent microphone. No $20 headset mics, no onboard mics.

Social Networking
Twitter is required. Facebook, additionally, is preferred. Linkedin, Tumblr, etc. are optional but the more socially active you are, the better.

A 20-minute demo set
Include at least 3 songs, and at least 5 minutes of talking.

All DJs must agree to broadcast a show or set which would be considered a “G” rating in the US. If in doubt, ask.

Submit your application

Location and Time Zone:
DJ experience: (Specify if your experience is as a mix DJ or as a radio DJ)
Music preferences:
DJ equipment (mic, mix board, other audio setup):
Your top 5 fandom songs:
Why you want to be a DJ:
What makes you 20% cooler than the other applicants:

Send the above information with your attached demo to

Also, follow @TrueEquestria on Twitter for new announcements!

Good luck!