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EileMontyVA – I Am Octavia [Titanium Parody] (feat. Nowacking)

Oh wow. Two superb voice actresses and spectacular lyrics. Just love it! Will Octavia And Vinyl Be Friends Again? Vocals/Mix: EileMonty Lyrics By: Kadajkitten [ http://kadajkitten.deviantart.com/ ] Script: EileMonty & Nowacking Vinyl: Nowacking Octavia: EileMonty Female Pony: EileMonty Male Pony: Wild Cards Download With Acting: http://snd.sc/YFXdvN Download Without Acting: http://snd.sc/YG0jzS Read more for video and for lyrics! (and they […]

Tavi & Scratch, a Musical Mini Series

Movement 1: The Argument In a beautiful and experimental effort, artist Yourenigma has been crafting a “mini series” of instrumental songs telling a story revolving around the troubled relationship between Octavia and Vinyl Scratch. Using a blend of classical and electronic genres, he manages to paint a beautiful picture through sound and emotion. Movements two […]