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Le Soldat Pony – Luna Comes to Me in a Dream

Here another song from Le Soldat Pony’s album Before These Mighty Skies. Le Soldat Pony released the album completely dedicated to the altruistic causes of Your Siblings, and as such it is also available as thank you for every donor to Seeds of Kindness 3 alongside A Beautiful Heart. Here Le Soldat Pony’s official, bilingual […]

Le Soldat Pony: Twilight Raises the Sun/Beautiful Discord

Sad news from Le Soldat Pony, just looking at the description.  It’s a beautiful song, though. I may not be around much in the near future, so have this. Much love, everyone. http://lesoldatpony.bandcamp.com/trac… http://lesoldatpony.bandcamp.com/trac…

Album: Le Soldat Pony – Disharmony

An album from Le Soldat Pony featuring some pretty sweet tracks, with proceeds going to Seeds of Kindness.  Catch the first track’s youtube upload after the break, or click above for the album’s Bandcamp page. Just an alternative charity album with some chill tracks, some up-beat ones, and some in between. Massive thanks to And […]

Le Soldat Pony – Manehatten

Manehatten is the ninth song from the My Little Remix charity album Faithful and Strong in support of an orphanage in Uganda. Le Soldat Pony is in fact supporting the orphanage doubly: Once with this wonderful contribution to the album, and also by donating all his returns from music sales on Bandcamp to Your Siblings. […]