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Equestria Girls – A Friend For Life (JayB Remix)

It’s JayB, and it’s trance.   You know it’s worth listening to. This was necessary. And no, I’m NOT gonna remix “Helping Twilight Win The Crown”. Period. Hope you guys enjoy some uplifting progressive trouse instead. Maybe after you came back from GalaCon or BronyCon. ;)

JayB & Giggly Maria – Rain

Full version: http://www.jaybmusic.net/download.php… Short version: http://www.jaybmusic.net/download.php… (Use right click – save as…) I had to release this earlier than I wanted. Because Maria said it. Anyway this is a double debut! It’s not only my first original pony vocal track but also my brony collaboration. And the most amazing Giggly Maria did a wonderful job […]

JayB vs. Mane Six – 2 4 6 8 (On Your Hooves)

2-4-6-8, who do we appreciate?  JayB!  Man, it’s been forever since I’ve been to a high school ballgame…  Anyway, have a House track. DOWNLOAD:http://www.jaybmusic.net/download.php…(Right click — save as…)Aren’t you guys sick of pony trance tracks? Well, I certainly am. That’s why I did a house track this time. Which somehow turned into complextro. It contains […]

JayB vs. Fluttershy – I Love Everything

JayB is at it again. After his remix of Tombstone’s Good Girl about a month ago, he’s back with a fresh take on So Many Wonders. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.jaybmusic.net/JayB/JayB_vs_Fluttershy_I_Love_Everything.mp3 (right-click + save target as…) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So I had this great idea about a track and gave Fluttershy a call if she wants to sing for […]