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HeyLasFas! – Faultless

Ah, hard rock.  Surprisingly uncommon amongst pony fandom music, comparatively speaking.  Have some HeyLasFas after the break.  This is part of a series too, so be sure to check out the other two parts on his channel. Everything is going to be fine.

Album: Road to Everfree

You can find previews of a couple of the songs after the break, if you’re so inclined. Introducing Everfree Northwest’s first ever exclusive album: Road to Everfree! This album serves as a means to generate funds to get our performing musicians out to the convention for your entertainment! Each contributed song was created by a […]

Music: “Gone (Learned To Fly)” – HeyLasFas! [Alternative Rock]

I’ve always had a soft spot for alt rock.  Not sure why. And it was then that she had the courage to finally stretch those tiny wings and learn to fly. If only she was around to see it. Dash would be proud. This is her memory.

Music: HeyLasFas! – “Trapped In Stone” [Progressive Hard Rock]

“A system always reverts to its most chaotic state. And I was here first. So matter how hard you try… How much you struggle… How much you try to fight it… Entropy dictates I will always come back.” This is his memory.