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eXtaticus – Music of My Destiny (A Song for Vinyl Scratch )

Eurobeat~ This is a song for Vinyl Scratch, because Vinyl Scratch is best background pony. I felt she deserved some eurobeat with a side-helping of vocals for a change (there is, however, a surprise in this song for you dubstep nuts)! Also, VinylTavia 4eva OTP~

eXtaticus – Neverending Nightmare

  This guy’s voice, I love it! Find the downloads and lyrics beneath the cut. Back again, this time with a song about Princess Luna. I don’t really know what to say about this one other than the usual “I hope you enjoy it” and “thanks for listening”. So, I hope you enjoy it, and […]

Morning in Ponyville/Life in Equestria – eXtaticus Eurobeat Remix

This song makes me feel like I’ve had near-lethal doses of caffeine.  And that’s a good thing.  Jitter jitter. I have made a remix of Morning in Ponyville/ Life in Equestria! Genre: Instrumental/ Electronic Dance (Eurobeat) Thanks very much for your time! ^_^ ~ eXtaticus Why these songs, out of all of them that were […]