Site Promo – The Harmony Machine
by DerpySquad, November 19, 2012 at 1:15 pm EST
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The Harmony Machine ( is a new site that compiles the news and information posted by the various media outlets in the pony community.  Its something I do enjoy promoting as even in the real world you really shouldn’t just stick to a single media outlet, unfortunately in the modern world news in itself has become slanted as the various media outlets tend to lean towards one side or the other, rather than being a neutral entity.  Of course this isn’t so much in the pony world, as all of us are just providing a service of basically taking random information from the community (point a) and bringing it to you (point b).

The site follows several locations on the internet, at the moment namely Reddit’s MLP section, Derpy Hooves News, Equestria Daily and Equestria Gaming.  In the top right corner you’ll see two buttons, a refresh button on the right and a menu option on the left.  The left button gives you the key code to the machine, as various sites are under various colors (DHN = grey, EqD = cyan, EqG = purple) but also allows you to add in your own feeds, thus if you follow various sites such as pony tumblrs or other sites not included, you can add them in (such as I tested with adding LHS to the mix).

The site is currently still under development, so mobile viewing might be a little iffy.  The site seems to be specifically aimed towards Chrome and Firefox, I tested it out with my own android phone but this was with the default browser and Opera-mini.  I did not investigate further with my phone (such as if there are chrome/firefox mobile browsers, I would assume yes but I’ve been wrong before).