S.A.S.Falcon – Inside Her Nightmare
by Doc, July 31, 2013 at 7:00 pm EST
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This song by S.A.S. Falcon reminds me that I haven’t played Irisu Syndrome in a while.  You should go play it.  Just make sure to check the game folder every now and then, and to have the game playing on the right side of the screen.  You can thank me later.

“We all have our inner demons, our inner fears.
“The Canterlot Symphony…it is my life, my sole sanctuary from what I fear my life will become.
“I have done things before this…deeds I am not particularly proud of. Outside of the Symphony, it is kill, or be killed.”

So yeah, I finally got around to making a song dedicated to my favourite pony: Octavia. (I know, an orchestral musician thinking Octavia is best pony? ‘Sup with that?)
This was a strange song, it originally started as part of a music challenge within the BAU forums, which I then continued on making, using this cover image (and a very slight underlying Mafia Octavia theme) as my primary inspiration.

This song is available on Bandcamp (should you wish to support my random orchestral shenanigans :D )

Alternate Download (320kbps MP3)

Image source is currently unknown (I originally found it within a group of ‘creepy pony images’ and image searches yield only to Funnyjunk)
If you wish to have the image, until I can probably reference who made it, I’ll have it here

This is definitely a new record on the time I spent on a song: 53 hours and 20 minutes