Rainbow and Rooted: Four’s Fall Down
by Telofy, May 25, 2013 at 2:00 pm EST
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Following up on the success from last year, we’re coming back to you guys with music in a different flavor! Rainbow and Rooted: Four’s Fall Down, for those who are a little new to the fans of ponies, is the real-deal official sequel to Balloon Party: 100% No Feeble Cheering, administered by the same folks who led the megahit album last year! A lot of new faces are in this round and we are ambitious to begin fundraising for this Bronycon in Maryland! Last year, our success came in bringing a party-cramming 20+ musicians from all over the world to one spot to perform livestreamed music for fans to enjoy. We want to be able to make this exciting get-together happen again!

This sky-high quality album, guaranteed to be distributed to the public for absolutely free, is a representative of the one and only Rainbow Dash! She’s fast, she’s stylish, and her album promises to be an awesome tribute to her coolness, and no, we won’t be diving into fractions jokes, stay with me, ladies and gentlemen. We’re set for the album to come in like a little pony hurricane on June 4th, and it will be, yes, so awesome.

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