Ponyphonic – Twilight’s Journey
by Doc, June 22, 2013 at 8:12 pm EST
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So I saw Equestria Girls just today.  Kind of funny really.  There was no one at the ticket booths, so I just waltzed into the theater and sat down.  I’d feel bad, but I had a press pass.  Anyway, have some Ponyphonic.  It’s gorgeous.

Twilight’s Journey (Remember Me)

When Twilight Sparkle set off for Ponyville to “make some friends!” she could never have imagined what fate (and a certain sun princess) had in store for her. So many adventures and wonderful times… and now, suddenly, everything has changed. As a princess, Twilight faces a multitude of new concerns, and she fears that the friendships that brought her all this way will begin to slip into the past. Still, she hopes for the best, and asks, in this time of great changes, that her friends not forget her.

A huge thank you to our dad for writing such a wonderful song and to our brother for putting together this awesome video!


Words/Music —- Don Larson – http://www.youtube.com/user/listen2d
Producer ———- Jim Abdo – http://www.brokenworks.com/bw_main.html
Vocals ————- Christina Larson
BGVs ————– Christina Larson & Dane Larson
Video ————— Erik Larson – http://www.youtube.com/user/ElectricDojo


Life is full of change
Nothing stays the same
No matter how we try to slow it
Time keeps slipping by; you know, it
Seems like yesterday
When we came each other’s way
And now I can’t help wonder why
Already, it’s time to say goodbye

For with a closing door
Another surely opens
Just you wait and see
And when you look back
On where we’ve been together
Wherever you may be
I hope that you remember me

Memories we made
Will begin to fade
And though I’ll miss you so my friend
It’s a beginning, not an end
Good will come to we who wait
Trusting, but not tempting fate
And even as the moments fly
Already, it’s time to say goodbye


Some may call it happenstance
But I do not believe in chance
And though I don’t know where or when
Our paths will one day cross again