Nicolas Dominique – After Megaspells’ Blast
by Doc, May 25, 2013 at 2:38 pm EST
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“I… I… I just… I just wanted to make something good… Wh-what I’ve done…?”

Nicolas brings the Fallout:  Equestria-related feels.

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The idea came to me when I saw that picture. So I started to make something sad… but the final Fallout: Equestria idea came to me when my friend Sunrise told me that art fits to the fanfic. So I did it dedicated to poor Fluttershy who wanted to do something good but her ideas were use in bad purpose. She was trying to save the forest and her beloved creatures but she can’t. She was watering the burnt forest hoping that will help even a little, but it was too late. The forest died…

“After Megaspells’ Blast” is the part of Hope album, along with two new, previously unreleased in high quality tracks made by me as 99+ — On Equestria’s Wastelands and How to Destroy Canterlot in 5 Minutes.
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