Music: YourEnigma – Tavi & Scratch – Full Suite
by DerpySquad, August 30, 2012 at 10:57 pm EST
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Movement 1: The Argument

In a beautiful and experimental effort, artist Yourenigma has been crafting a “mini series” of instrumental songs telling a story revolving around the troubled relationship between Octavia and Vinyl Scratch. Using a blend of classical and electronic genres, he manages to paint a beautiful picture through sound and emotion. Movements two and three can be found after the break.

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Presenting the Tavi and Scratch Suite the way it was meant to be heard: All in one almost-but-not-quite 13 minute sitting! Even if you are a veteran of this series and know all four tracks by heart, I highly recommend grabbing a drink, having a sit, and listening to the full length. I truly hope you’ll notice some things, musical or otherwise, which were not apparent when listening in separate movements over an extended period.

I call it a suite because, though not expressed in something a strict as a Sonata form or otherwise, the four movements here are strongly related: by keys, by themes, and by the overarching story. I hope that story is made all the more vivid when listened to in succession.

I. The Argument
II. The Breakup
III. Remorse — Run to Her
IV. (Attaca) Forgiveness