Music: Yourenigma – He’s A Dragon
by Doc, September 4, 2012 at 11:27 pm EST
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Stained Glass: Spike’s Tux by Akili-Amethyst

Yourenigma brings the swing and swagger with this Spike-inspired track, which you can catch after the page break.

Story time is over, guys. This is jazz.

Well, Nujazz or something or other. Whatever the case, it grooves. I have been badgered by a certain friend of mine, who shall remain unnamed; to compose a song for everyone’s (his) favorite pony (dragon) Spike. I like the little guy, honestly, and it’s a crying shame that he doesn’t get more music in his name. One thing about Spike that I love is how indescribably cool he TRIES to be all the time. Top hats, moustaches, the lot. And tell me he doesn’t pull them off. So this one goes out to the dragons and those who favor them!

Thanks for listening.