Music: Nicolas Dominique – Magic is Powerful
by Doc, November 4, 2012 at 1:19 pm EST
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Wrath of magic by MunaDrake
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Anyway, this track is about Twilight Sparkle and her so powerful magic. If she wants, she can do anything, just like that.
Also I know she isn’t party pony but… Tara Strong is! And also oatmeal. Cosplaying Twilight… That was so oatmeal! So this is dedication to both Twilight and Tara. Funny the both have “TS” as initial.

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Made by amazing Muna Drake!

This cover and tune are so Polish!

WAV: (0,45 $)

This is a remake of my track from January 2012. It was then the first track for upcoming album “Six” containing themes for each Mane6 character. Well… something went wrong and the project just stopped, because I don’t have I-DE-AS to make PP and AJ themes. But now is different – the “Six” will be out soon! I quess it will be posted next week, few days after the S3 episodes.