Le Soldat Pony – Manehatten
by Telofy, September 29, 2012 at 5:27 pm EST
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All Alone in the Big City by flutterguy317

All Alone in the Big City by flutterguy317

Manehatten is the ninth song from the My Little Remix charity album Faithful and Strong in support of an orphanage in Uganda.

Le Soldat Pony is in fact supporting the orphanage doubly: Once with this wonderful contribution to the album, and also by donating all his returns from music sales on Bandcamp to Your Siblings. So head over to his Bandcamp page for a fluffy shopping spree.

Want to do some good and get some music out of it? Go donate to Seeds of Kindness to get this album: http://broniesforgood.org/2012/09/seeds-of-kindness-2-launch/

It is a fantastic set of tracks for a fantastic charity, and if you have even a little bit of money to throw at it, you can get the album. Every little bit helps, folks. Let’s show the world what kind of good bronies can really do.

I wake up one morning
But now without my friends
Everypony just drifts away

I see the city
Oh, and helpless I stand
Our lives change easy as molding clay

Home, come take me home
Through the wind and the rain
Blades cut to the bone
Run to your river, run to your plain

I’ll never know
Just why I ran
Went out to see that city bright

I know my sight is small,
But wherever I stand
The city keeps me from the light