Galaxyart – Mémoirs of Equestria 2: Whispers Through the Walls
by Doc, July 21, 2013 at 8:11 pm EST
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We posted the first one a while back, so have the next one in the series!


How are bonds of blood made? How did the confrontation between Discord and Celestia play out? Who is this Three Crowns? Who is Fancy Pants really? What was Flim and Flam doing before they sold Cider? Multiple alternative timelines? All these questions answered, and more!

00:10 – Flim “Whispers Through The Walls”
00:41 – Three Crowns “Just You Wait Celestia”
01:26 – Braeburn “Bisons”
02:05 – Flim “A Window”
02:33 – Three Crowns “Goodbye to Three Crowns”
03:22 – Braeburn “Some Seeds and a Sledgehammer”
03:46 – Flim “One and the same”
04:16 – Discord “Don’t Take Life Too Seriously”
04:55 – Three Crowns “Hello To Fancy Pants”
05:43 – Flim “Flipping Coins”
06:19 – Officer Starburst “Murder Report”
06:50 – Discord “Confrontation

Based on the Bioshock Audio Diaries.
Hope you enjoy it!