Fantasy Anime My Little Pony: Episode 1
by Doc, June 23, 2013 at 4:05 pm EST
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Not too terribly often you see Japanese MLP animation.  Even rarer is the fact that this is a silent film.  You might find it interesting, so you can catch this piece by TwilightLimits embedded with (rough) translation after the break.  If Nico’s giving you trouble, let me know and I’ll try getting a Youtube version put up.  Turns out there’s a youtube upload by the creator, never mind.

Nico Description: ‘I’ve been hungry for Equestria Girls so long it seems like there’s a hole where my stomach once was, so I went ahead and made a fan version instead. Contains some stuff from other cartoons that haven’t aired in Japan.’

Title card: ‘My Little Pony: Fantasy Anime Series’


‘Twilight Sparkle.’

‘Who… is calling for me?’

‘This is Ponyville… or is it?’

‘I’ve… what have I turned into?’

‘No way, this isn’t still Discord’s doing, is it? But he was reformed thanks to Fluttershy…”


‘To Be Continued’

‘EPISODE-1 The Stolen Village – Fin’

‘Original Work: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’

‘Animator: TwilightLimits’

‘Studio: Zecora Industries’

’A mysterious robot shakes the land’

‘The bewildered Twilight Sparkle finds herself in a far off city engulfed in flames’

’But then,’

‘Two warriors swoop down from the sky!’

‘Next Episode: That one’s name is Dynamo’