Fantasy Anime My Little Pony, Episode 0
by Doc, July 8, 2013 at 10:19 pm EST
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I have no idea what’s going on or whether this translation I did (which you can find after the break) is even close to accurate, but here you go!  Have the next(?) episode of TwilightLimits’ fantasy anime.  Apologies for the poor formatting below, WP isn’t being cooperative with tabbing.

Panchito:             Besides the Five ACME Lords, the fact we too have been decieved is significant.

Johnny Bravo:    However, this does explain everything. (HA!)

Clown:                    We must compensate for this transgression.

Our comrades have already begun following Mandy.

Now then, shall we prepare?

We do this all for the sake of Nightmare Moon.

Card:                       The Near Future

Mysteries abound, not the least of which being Plan ‘D’

The ACME Earth Defense Force is being defeated by those who conceived it

Clutching the key to victory is the mighiest girl in the world, Twilight Sparkle


My Little Pony – Fantasy Anime Series

Ship:                         Third-generation All-Purpose Steam Ship Willy

Sign:                         Pickled Octopus

Cheerilee:              I wonder if she’s coming…

Jenny:                      What a beautiful moon, this early in the morning…

Mother was right.

But, these feelings…

The Brain:               It’s fine, trying to scoop up spilled water.  She should know that.

Cheerilee:              It’s now or never!

Trixie:                       Staring off into space are we, Twilight Sparkle?

Father:                     At least, it is finally complete!  Yes, it is!  The True Plan ‘D’!

Whether they become a God or Demon, I will soon be able to control them completely!

And the one I’ve decided upon for my plan is you, Twilight Sparkle!


Celestia:                 What is…  What on earth is he planning?

I see, Professor.  So this is your trump card.

I’m going to have fun blowing you to the moon!

Twilight:                 Dear Princess Celestia,

Certainly, my crime is one that cannot be forgiven.

But, please, let me continue on.


Title Card:                 Think back now.  Yes, everything happened that day–

Episode 0 – Crime and Punishment ~Or, How the Professor Brought About the World’s Collapsing~ The End

Source:  My Little Pony:  Friendship is Magic

Animation:  TwilightLimits

Production:  Zecora Industries

The End