Equestria Girls – A Friend For Life (JayB Remix)
by Doc, August 4, 2013 at 5:13 pm EST
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It’s JayB, and it’s trance.   You know it’s worth listening to.

This was necessary. And no, I’m NOT gonna remix “Helping Twilight Win The Crown”. Period.
Hope you guys enjoy some uplifting progressive trouse instead. Maybe after you came back from GalaCon or BronyCon. ;)

Full Mix: http://www.jaybmusic.net/JayB/EqG_A_F…
Video Mix: http://www.jaybmusic.net/JayB/EqG_A_F…
(Right click, save as…)

Wallpaper: http://macgrubor.deviantart.com

Daniel Ingram approves: https://twitter.com/dannyimusic/statu…

Written by: Daniel Ingram
Vocals by: Rebecca Shoichet
Remix production: JayB


JayB’s obligatory hardware synth info, because I’m so narcissistic:

Yamaha S80: “Fat Trouser” (the main bass)
Korg X5D: “Poor A/D” (the additional main bass, yes, this beast can do electro basses)
Yamaha AN1x: “TranceCore” (main lead layer)
Roland V-Synth XT: “TooMuch4VSynth” (high background pad)
Yamaha PLG150-AN: “BPF Arp” (high arpeggio)
Quasimidi Sirius: Rock Hihat, Tribal Percussions, TR-909 stuff, breakdown pad, bells, additional electro bass
Yamaha QY100: standard drum set, more 909 stuff, breakdown pad layer

Software Synths: Logic’s EXS24 (okay, that’s a sampler), ES2, ES M, Scuplture, Sylenth 1

JayB homepage: http://www.jaybmusic.net
JayB on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jaybmusic
JayB on Twitter: http://twitter.com/jaybproductions
JayB on SoundCloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/jaybmusicnet