Children of the Night
by Doc, July 24, 2013 at 7:13 pm EST
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It’s been teased for a while now, but it’s now complete!  Check out this animation after the break.

We want to thank everyone who supported this project since the beginning. We sincerely hope that you will all like the final result.

Special thanks to David Larsen, Sarah Williams, Kate Covington Grant Beaudette, Robob, Sean and Jan animations, for their advice and help along the way.

There are more people to thank, everyone who have been waiting patiently, every VA who auditioned, and.. everyone.

Animation, Storyboard, backgrounds, FX and postproduction:
Richard Sirois and Jordana G

Sound Score: David Larsen
“Come Little Children”: original cover by Kate Covington
Garis V.A: Sarah Williams

Project blog: