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AcoustiMandoBrony – Generosity


Hey everyone — Andy, Edd and Jimmy here (collectively known as AcoustiMandoBrony!) and we’re so happy to present you guys with our next installment in our Element of Harmony series. This time around, we’re singing for Rarity’s element: “Generosity”.

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Nicolas Dominique – Ascension

This track has a long history. First it was supposed to be my first vocal track about Twilight becoming princess and an alicorn. Back then it was planned as my collab with Feather, but well… she had better stuff to do back then and after that she went to work and the project failed badly.

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iAmxKoreaNx – Stars

Not sure exactly what it is about Cosmic Love that makes for good music videos.  If I were to hazard a guess, the drums.  Anyway, have a short but sweet PMV by iAmxKoreaNx featuring the Seven Lions remix of Cosmic Love after the break.

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DILeak Studios – Sunrise Surprise

Why can’t I hold all these animations?

Been working on this one for a couple months with the rest of the studio. We worked really hard to get it released for Bronycon. Hope you enjoy!

DTV link.
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Equestria Girls – A Friend For Life (JayB Remix)

It’s JayB, and it’s trance.   You know it’s worth listening to.

This was necessary. And no, I’m NOT gonna remix “Helping Twilight Win The Crown”. Period.
Hope you guys enjoy some uplifting progressive trouse instead. Maybe after you came back from GalaCon or BronyCon. ;)

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JanAnimations – Button’s Adventures – Episode Pilot


Introducing the pilot episode of the fan made project mini-series “Button’s Adventures”.

Cast and Team:

JanAnimations: Animator, Writer, Director

ShadyVox: Voice of Button Mash, Co-writer, SFX Design and Composer

EileMonty: Voice Of Button’s Mother


Watch after the break or at DTV.

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Silly Filly Studios – Fall of the Empire (Trailer)

Silly Filly Studios teases their version of Sombra’s downfall in this trailer, which you can find after the break.

‘Fall of the Empire’ is an action drama showcasing what really could have happened during Sombra’s downfall 1000 years ago, implying Celestia had provided a much abbreviated description at the start of season 3.

The animation is currently work in progress and won’t be done for several months As such there are several errors in this sample, but they’ll be corrected and re-rendered for the final product.

Action is fun.

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eXtaticus – Music of My Destiny (A Song for Vinyl Scratch )


This is a song for Vinyl Scratch, because Vinyl Scratch is best background pony. I felt she deserved some eurobeat with a side-helping of vocals for a change (there is, however, a surprise in this song for you dubstep nuts)! Also, VinylTavia 4eva OTP~

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Linx – Crystal Caves

MrG3R0N1MO:  I like it! Sounds a bit like it’d be in a video-game soundtrack. :D

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HeyLasFas! – Faultless

Ah, hard rock.  Surprisingly uncommon amongst pony fandom music, comparatively speaking.  Have some HeyLasFas after the break.  This is part of a series too, so be sure to check out the other two parts on his channel.

Everything is going to be fine.

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