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Apports #3

That mysterious post again. If you wonder what apports are, check out the second apports post, which contains a link to the first apports post, which contains an explanation of what apports are.

Today’s apports concern

  • A fanfiction contest,
  • A gaming tournament, and
  • A pony online store.

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Apports #2

Everfree Expedition by TopGull

Everfree Expedition by TopGull

If you’re wondering what apports are, then have a look at Apports #1, where it is explained.

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Apports #1

Severian the Torturer by GoranGligovic

Severian the Torturer by GoranGligovic

When you sail through the void propelled by huge silvery sails like Derpy Hooves News is, then it is an unavoidable consequence that sometimes, and not too infrequently, their ceaseless undulation will bring a few of them in alignment with one another so that beings and items previously far separated from us in space or time will appear in their center.

This post is our tribute to these apports.

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Parody: We “Don’t Like” Ponies

Video Preview
Check out this quick parody video by Videobakery, featuring Mike Fink and Alex Brandon. It’s not what you think! Give it some time.

Don’t hate, love and tolerate. Make sure to subscribe to Videobakery for more!

Music by Kajimishima

8-bit pony theme by Shreddingpixel

Featuring Mike Fink and Alex Brandon

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Friendship is Witchcraft – “The Convention” – At The Gala parody (Canterlot Gardens)

From the makers of Friendship is Witchcraft, The Convention, obvious parody of At The Gala, except convention themed.  This was released at the FiW panel at Canterlot Gardens, and uploaded this morning by SherclopPones.  Video after the page break.

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Ponified Apples to Apples

Scibblequill sent us their ponified Apples to Apples game cards, cannot say that I played too much of the game, personally an Uno fan, but it definitely looks interesting if you want to kick up a game with some fellow fan members at a convention or something.  Copy/paste from Scibblequill’s Deviant Art on the project.

I know normally I do VA work (I’m Emichwan88 on youtube :3), but one night I was sitting there wondering…why is there no apples to apples game in a ponies theme? There are so many awesome things that could go into a set of apples to apples cards for ponies and bronies!

So, I made a set! With the help of some awesome people of course, listed below. Included are canon and community nouns and adjectives to make your game of apples to apples purely pony-tastic! I hope you enjoy! ^^

[link] <–Simplex version
[link] <–Duplex version

The simplex set is for single-sided printers. Print out the first half (it should be 49 pages), then flip them over and print out the second half. The duplex set is for double-sided printers, just print them regularly. Use heavier paper if possible—actual card paper, something glossy, would probably work best, but really cardstock, anything that isn’t flimsy paper should do alright.

Special thanks to Gerf who walked me through a lot of this, helped make the program that actually made the cards printable, and so on. I really couldn’t have done this without him, he caught a lot of mistakes and made it so all of you guys could play with them. Hit his deviantart up, he deserves some love.

  • Derpy vector belongs to JennieOo
  • Granny Smith vector belongs to Paradigm-Zero
  • Big Macintosh vector belongs to ShelltoonTV
  • My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust
  • Apples to Apples belongs to Mattel
  • Content is purely non-for-profit.

Harmony Deck Tarot Cards

Rannva from Deviant Art submitted this into LHS a little while ago.  Its a ponified Tarot deck containing 78 cards, 22 major arcana, and 4 suits; Hooves (wands/clubs), Rainbows (cup/hearts), Books (sword/spades) and Bits (diamonds/coins), 14 in each suit.  In general I wish I could explain more, but my knowledge of Tarot cards is very lacking.  But here is some copy/pasta on how you can get your hands on these.

All the costs will be written in SEK and I receive the payment trough PayPal. When you reserved your place, you have 3 weeks to pay. After that amount of time, your reservationplace is lost and you have to contact me again to be sure there are any decks left before you give any money to me.

Everybody that speak of interest will be first placed on the list, then say how many they would like to order (Or say that directly here in the comments), pay and give me their adress, and get an confirmation note that I’ve sent the package. It can take up to four-five businessdays between me getting the payment and the deck getting sent, so don’t panic. Shipping global will take around a week.

The cost will be 160 SEK (Swedish crowns) per deck, plus shipping. You can order up to 8 decks in one order, so go together with friends and get a better price on the shipping. 1, 2, and 4 decks will be in bubblewrapped envelopes, 8 decks will be in packages.

EDIT: Apparently the pricing is a bit confusing, so I’m re-writing it so the shipping and the deckprice is included in all.
The price for the tarot-decks will be the following:

One deck: 184 SEK/Sweden, 208 SEK/Europe, 220 SEK/The world
Two decks: 356 SEK/Sweden, 400 SEK/Europe, 410 SEK/The world
Four decks: 688 SEK/Sweden, 790 SEK/Europe, 820 SEK/The world
Eight decks (2 kilos): 1430 SEK/Sweden, 1605 SEK/Europe, 1640 SEK/The world

EXTRA INSURANCE! If you want to be able to track your package, I can send it as “recommended post” (first priority) which will cost 70 SEK extra.

After the printing cost, 50% of the money will be sent to Bronies for Good, the rest is split between me and my partner for the work we used on this.

Payment can be made via paypal –

More information and better detailed pictures can be found on Rannva’s DA Account.

Bronycomm Season Finale Review

Ride Of The Windigos
by *Killryde

Well we kind of lost track of the episode reviews that were being posted weekly on DHN, namely Bronycomms and SFWeekly.  Seems the boys have finally caught up on Season 2 and just finished up the Canterlot Wedding Review.  The first video plus youtube information after the page break.

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{MLP:FiM} Evening Star – Beautiful Night

Always nice to discover a new artist.  Evening Star’s specialty seems to be DnB, which I think is somewhat rare in the community aside from Addictia.  The choral touches near the end really make this track.

Biding thy time.

Download links:


Closed for Construction

MLP - Gintama Style - by: pokelai

Sorry folks, hate to blow the dust off of here for just a silly site update. But we’re going to but shuttering up the doors and windows pretty quick to get to work on revamping the design and the goals of this site.

We figured (DerpySquad and mostly myself) figured that the content here would actually be better on DHN due to the slower rate of posting on there. It quickly became apparent that that wasn’t really for the best or working with the original direction we had for DHN. Right now, we’re putting together a fabulous reboot with all new flavors and goals oriented in showcasing the best of the fandom.

I think you’re going to enjoy it.
It will be done when it gets done, so sit tight!