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Lyra Heartstrings Entertainment to Idle

Well it probably will not come as a surprise to anyone who has frequented this site, but the staff has decided to idle for the time being, so we can put our efforts into our main site, Derpy News. The site will remain online as an archive and for the possibility that in the future we may restart production. For now, all fan content can be submitted to Derpy Hooves News for our weekly digest articles on fan creations. Thank you for your support.

sgap + kreühn pöny – Seawinkle

It’s always time for more SoGreatandPowerful, this time collaborating with kreühn pöny.

Seawinkle dove off the dock, swam through the crystal clear blue water, and hopped aboard her new little sailboat. “Seashell” she shouted, “Come take a sail with me!” So Seashell swam out to the boat for a ride. The wind was brisk and the little boat skimmed quickly across the calm blue water. The two friends sailed on and on, returning home only when the sun was sinking low into the horizon.

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Galaxyart – Mémoirs of Equestria 2: Whispers Through the Walls

We posted the first one a while back, so have the next one in the series!


How are bonds of blood made? How did the confrontation between Discord and Celestia play out? Who is this Three Crowns? Who is Fancy Pants really? What was Flim and Flam doing before they sold Cider? Multiple alternative timelines? All these questions answered, and more! Read More »

Apports #6

These apports were still in our todo box. I hope some of them have already been posted and just not properly marked, but skimming the recent posts here, I couldn’t find them. Have fun!

  • Journey of the Spark Panel at PON3 Con 2013
  • A Brony Survey
  • Ponies in Real Life Video
  • Android Application: Draw Little Pony
  • Why You Should Give Equestria Girls a Chance
  • My Little Musical
  • Nightfall Game Info
  • Bronystate Fanfiction Contest: Through the Looking Glass
  • Help Mimi Havivy Smile
  • Equestria Girls Review
  • Mo’ Ponies

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The Next Pony DJ

The Next Pony DJ is a contest and a game and an audition. We are looking for talented and dedicated people to be our new disc jockeys for Fillydelphia Radio, Alicorn Radio, and Luna Radio. And best of all, the listeners will be the ones to decide who sticks around by voting on Twitter. The DJs will be put on teams, or “Parties”, and be trained by the other DJs and staff for the station affiliated with that party.

The top three DJs will be given DJ jobs on each of the stations.

More after the break!
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FiMFlamFilosophy’s New Song “Fable of Another Color”




FiMFlamFilosophy, the folks behind “Rainbow Dash Presents” and, have released a new song called “Fable of Another Color”.

Apports #5

“Okay, but, uhm, see, I have a very serious conundrum here.” —Celery Pony

  • Fallout Equestria: Tales of a Junk Town Pony Peddler Episode Five: Dream a Little Dream
  • Brony Minecraft Server: We Need Some Help
  • BronyVoice Site Project
  • Derpy Mobile
  • Redub of Mentally Advanced Series Looking for Help
  • MLP Chan Fanfic Write-Off: May

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Apports #4

A brief statement of the source of an illustration, known as a credit line, is usually appropriate and sometimes required by the owner of the illustration.

Apports below.

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Meetup Corner #16

clouds by CSImadmax

clouds by CSImadmax

It’s time for another meetup corner. Snowstorm across Europe is gone, and it’s time for some sunshine.

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Daniel Ingram – Celestia’s Ballad (Nicolas Dominique’s Long Way Remix)



This is probably one of the most relaxing pieces of pony music I’ve ever heard. Ever. Seriously, I can’t imagine myself being any more relaxed.


Yep, this track isn’t easy to remix but I was able to do it without using piano from the original. I also have changed it’s atmosphere to something… chillout.




ART made by awesome Celebi-Yoshi

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