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PonyOS – A Hobby Operating System for Everypony!

An April Fools’ joke by an acquaintance of mine, Kevin Lange.  It’s still a perfectly valid operating system, though, just missing little things like networking and USB support.  You can find it here!

What is PonyOS?

PonyOS is a new Unix-like operating system.

Is PonyOS a Linux distribution?

No! PonyOS uses its own kernel, built from scratch.

What are people saying about PonyOS?

you have gone too far this time you fucking pony fags….

Anon, from /prog/

I just can’t not believe these guys are sick fucks. Either way, getting to run vim in your shitty furry pedo OS is an accomplishment I must recognize. Fuck this shit.

Another Anon, from /prog/


Mourcore, from reddit’s r/technology

This is gonna buck up my computer so bad.

mybronyalter-ego, from reddit’s r/mylittlepony

Thanks, but no thanks.

Nessphoro, from

Oh… Oh god… Make it stop



You can find me on Twitter @kevinlange.

PonyOS is based on とあるOS.

Happy April Fools Day


Shout-Out for the Brony Music Directory

NextBanner-Tavogdl Right Width

The Brony Music Directory has been in business for the better part of a year, and as their name indicates, they compile profiles on up-and-coming as well as established brony musicians. A quick count of the names listed on their page indicates that they have now no less than 560 musicians in their database, usually with links to their websites, a description, and samples of their work. But I’ll let them introduce themselves.

The brony music directory is just that; a directory designed to show you the best and the newest of the brony musician community. We link artists, have brief descriptions of each, and show off their best videos so so you can get a feel for them quickly, We also have a genre section so people can find artists from their favorite genres. We also try to work as a portal for all equestrian music and that means links to brony radio, sites, and events. We link the best tracks of each year and have a list of the current most popular musicians in the community. If it’s brony and it’s musical we try to have it all linked on our site. – One Year Anniversary and Site Rework

Hearth's Warming Derp by Pirill-Poveniy

Hearth’s Warming Derp by Pirill-Poveniy

Hello there! I have sent this to inform you … that my website,, has turned one today and has had a bit of a rework. I don’t know if you’ve been on the site before, but we serve random cute pony images for people to enjoy for the purposes of fulfilling ones cute quota, or maybe to erase some bad memory in ones head.

Over the past year we’ve had over 1.2 million pageviews with over 45 thousand unique users. As a gift to the community I have reworked the website to have a new user interface, an asynchronous image switching a preloading system, a history system (in case you click past the image by mistake), social media share buttons, and for the people who like to submit images, a DeviantArt scraper for uploading images on dA profiles, and pony colour themes!
My full writeup is here on reddit ( but I was hoping you would find this newsworthy enough to share. The site is completely ad free and I make no money from it, so I only want more people to know of it for when they need it.
Thanks for your consideration,

Tylor ‘LordV’ Froese

Site Promo – The Harmony Machine

The Harmony Machine ( is a new site that compiles the news and information posted by the various media outlets in the pony community.  Its something I do enjoy promoting as even in the real world you really shouldn’t just stick to a single media outlet, unfortunately in the modern world news in itself has become slanted as the various media outlets tend to lean towards one side or the other, rather than being a neutral entity.  Of course this isn’t so much in the pony world, as all of us are just providing a service of basically taking random information from the community (point a) and bringing it to you (point b).

The site follows several locations on the internet, at the moment namely Reddit’s MLP section, Derpy Hooves News, Equestria Daily and Equestria Gaming.  In the top right corner you’ll see two buttons, a refresh button on the right and a menu option on the left.  The left button gives you the key code to the machine, as various sites are under various colors (DHN = grey, EqD = cyan, EqG = purple) but also allows you to add in your own feeds, thus if you follow various sites such as pony tumblrs or other sites not included, you can add them in (such as I tested with adding LHS to the mix).

The site is currently still under development, so mobile viewing might be a little iffy.  The site seems to be specifically aimed towards Chrome and Firefox, I tested it out with my own android phone but this was with the default browser and Opera-mini.  I did not investigate further with my phone (such as if there are chrome/firefox mobile browsers, I would assume yes but I’ve been wrong before). Community Photography Site is a new community site dedicated to photography fans, which of course includes forums for members and photos.  A little copy/paste from their welcoming page.

Welcome to! This site is intended to be a club/community for photography enthusiasts within the My Little Pony fandom, as well as serving as a fandom news site dedicated to photography within our fandom. We’re still working out a posting schedule that suits all of our writers, but you can expect posts at least several times a week. We also have forums, which anyone can join and participate in.

Why do we need this?

The main idea behind this site is to create a space dedicated to pony fans with an interest in photography as a hobby, artistic medium, or a form of creative expression. This fandom contains a huge amount of artistic and creative talent, covering almost every artistic medium imaginable, but photography is very under-represented, with no dedicated place for it to shine. We aim to change that by exhibiting excellent photographic work on a site built to cater to it, creating a sense of community among photographer bronies, and offering tips and positive, helpful critique to improve the work of those who need/want it.

Isn’t it boring to only look at photos of pony stuff?

Yep, which is why we’re not doing that. This is a community of photographers who are MLP fans, not a gallery solely for pony-related photos. Big difference.

How do I become a member? Do I have to be a photographer?

Details on how to join and participate are here. And no, you don’t need to be a photographer to be active here! Anyone and everyone is welcome to read posts, join the forums, and leave post comments. You can share your photos here too, if you like, even if you don’t want to ask for critique. We intend to offer something for everyone, whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro.

What kind of posts can I expect to read here?

Examples of future material can be found in the site archives, we added a few back-dated articles for that purpose. The following are some types of posts we plan to have.

Event Announcements – Posts about upcoming events, with a focus on anything that would be good to photograph (event policies play a large factor in determining this), and anything of interest to pony fans.

Event Photo Highlights – A sampling of some of the best photos we were able to find of an event, with a preference for photos taken/submitted by community members, but also incorporating shots we found in internet searches.

Event Reports – Write-ups of an event by staff or community members, with a preference toward interesting photography-related material.

Essays, Articles, and Editorials – Similar to material you’d find on other photography blogs, covering techniques, advice, news, and anything else of interest to photography enthusiasts. We’ll try to emphasize material that’s relevant to our fandom as well, including a copious amount of convention photography tips.

Photo Highlights/Critique – Pretty simple, we’ll go find a photo or photo set that’s interesting, and write about it, offering a breakdown of why it’s noteworthy, and if desired, positive critique. Photos for these posts can from from anywhere; if the photo is from a site member, the subject matter could be literally anything. If the photo came from somewhere else on the internet, we’ll usually aim to make it something pony-fandom-related, or at least make sure the photographer is a pony fan.

Contests – These will come later, but once we get enough members/readers, we’ll run contests. They’ll usually be pony-inspired on some level, but entries won’t have to be pony-related at all. For example, a “Running of the Leaves” contest could call for photos of autumn leaves that have already fallen. We probably won’t have much in the way of prizes, these will mostly be a way to get members shooting creatively.

The Neighborhood Walk – Submitted Sites #01

My Little Person
by ~yiKOmega

People of course e-mail us to see if we’d feature their site, and typically we would in Derpy’s Mailbag.  Since we’ve stopped that series on DHN (because we got this place), when I get a pile up of these, we’ll be having The Neighborhood Walk.  These sites are not reviewed by us, we’re just passing the word along that they are out there, we do check them out though.

Classification: Forum Board

Your typical FiM based forum board with discussion about the show, the community, and has roleplaying and non-roleplaying sections.

Classification:  Image Gallery

Need some pony wallpaper?  My Little Wallpaper is an archive gathering up all the backgrounds that are being produced, currently housing 5,700 images and growing weekly.

Classification:  Image Board

Tinyboard based Pony Image Board, sections for show talk, fanfics, roleplaying, and so on.

Everfree Forum

Classification:  Forum Board

I recently visited a really cool and new forum, the staff are few but really nice. There aren’t a hole lot of members as of right now but I’m hoping I can get others to join. I suggest checking it out, it has a lot of potential to become a very popular forum. Catchy name, nice staff, good layout, and some very laid back rules.

– The Submitter

Classification: PMV Blog

Featuring PMV reviews daily.

I’m hoping to create a community that encourages new video editors by providing help and advice, while also showcasing all of the amazing videos that are created everyday.

– Lord Pony of PMVToday.