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The Vinyl Scratch Tapes Season 2 – Episode 1: Back in the Saddle

The Vinyl Scratch Tapes is finally back a second season.  Yay.

We are BACK baby, yeah! Vinyl Scratch and Octy bringing the noise right here on FM 1

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The Brony Show: Episode 100

Hello Everypony. We’re celebrating our 100th episode, and you know that means we have to go completely crazy. This weekend we’re not bringing you 1, or 2, or even 3 hours, but 24 hours of everything that makes The Brony Show the insanely fun show it is. We have special interviews, sneak previews, lots of fun games, and even prizes to give out. All this starts at 6PM PST or 9PM EST over at this friday, June 14. You can see the entire schedule and the prizes we have lined up at

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Equestrian Hidden History: Episode 1 – Nightmare Moon

This is actually pretty fantastic. The group behind it promises a monthly release and the talent involved is pretty spectacular, so ya’ll should give it a listen!

Join us on an epic journey into a hidden history of our beloved Equestria… in this fan-made Radio Drama series chronicling the rise and fall of Nightmare Moon!

More info beneath the break!

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True Equestria Radio, Episode 54: Toast Sells Out

Tonight on True Equestria Radio, PonyToast offers you the opportunity to rant and rave, for the good or the bad, about Equestria Girls. Your predictions, your opinions, your cries of despair! Share your opinion at Midnight EDT right here! You can call in with Skype or by phone at (714) 888-7471. You can also listen on Fillydelphia Radio!

FO:Equestria – Tales of a Junk Town Pony Peddler: Mr.Sandman

In the remains of Equestria, Prodigious Peddler, a trader in the wasteland wanders from town to town.

After a run in with a Ratter, Peddler and Sunbeam find a stable hidden on a hill behind some dying bushes. The floor is black and odd music plays…this stable may have more to it than meets the eye.

Song: Horse With No Name, by America


Based on the original story by KKat

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Fallout Equestria: Tales of a Junk Town Pony Peddler

Eyup PIAB in the Falloutverse, t’was only a matter of time. In anycase, this is a series of Cowboy Bebop-Esq shorts centered around Prodigious Peddler, a salespony traveling the Equestria wasteland, and it’s just completed it’s first three shorts (after the page break):

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Dr. Whooves Adventures: Shadows of the Lunar Republic

NOTE: Canon-wise this story takes place before Wrong Way Backwards

The Doctor and Twilight head home…only to find something waiting in the darkness…

Based on the Comic Lunar Shadow by Cybertoaster:  Link

And check out the Ask Viva Tumblr!: Link


And remember for any updates or schedule changes or just general cool stuff, check out our blog a!

Download: Link

Theme Song Download: Link

Also while you’re here, check out our sister show The Vinyl Scratch Tapes! Directed by the Doctor himself, Jamjar: Link

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Reminder: New Band of Bronies Show #8 this Saturday

Band of Bronies

Passed the Wonderbolts academy?  No?

Well what a shame, how about watching our podcast to take your mind off it.

This week, we talk about some controversies and the end of the Studly Stallion Stache-Off

Don’t forget to tune in, Saturday, 11.30am EST, only on Everypony Radio

Daring Do Adventures (Episode 1) – Daring Do and the Sapphire Stone

Hiya guys! We over at Ponyinabox have a new radio play that just released this time about Daring Do! It just hit youtube and it would be awesome if we could get a post! Have some copy-paste if you like:

Ponyinabox has a new radio play this time staring everypony’s favorite safari hat wearing archaeologist/adventurer! Listen to Daring Do’s first adventure as the semester starts and the legend of the Sapphire Stone entices our hero.

Ponyinabox – All Aboard featuring Applebloom

A new beautifully illustrated project from Ponyinabox, this time staring Applebloom as she finds herself on a strange journey as she tries to find her cutiemark, where it leads is anyone’s guess, but it certainly leads Somewhere.

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