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True Equestria Radio celebrates 60 episodes!


Join in the festivities as True Equestria Radio celebrates its 60th episode by being wacky, as usual. The crew and I will be answering your calls and talking about your speculations for the future of the brony fandom.

Call in at midnight eastern at (714) 888-7471 or by skype at Also check out the brand-new TER website at to get updates and chat with the in-site IRC client.

The Brony Show: Episode 100

Hello Everypony. We’re celebrating our 100th episode, and you know that means we have to go completely crazy. This weekend we’re not bringing you 1, or 2, or even 3 hours, but 24 hours of everything that makes The Brony Show the insanely fun show it is. We have special interviews, sneak previews, lots of fun games, and even prizes to give out. All this starts at 6PM PST or 9PM EST over at this friday, June 14. You can see the entire schedule and the prizes we have lined up at

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Tunes@Noon Featuring DJ-Spr0Ck3t

hMIDzVOThis week’s Tunes@Noon is featuring the talented and not-so-well-known DJSpr0ck3t. Check out his awesome electronica tunes on Fillydelphia Radio at Noon Eastern!

True Equestria Radio Episode 55: The Waiting

terlogoTonight of TER, there’s going to be some serious discussion* about what YOU are doing in preparation for Season 4. We’ve got a long time to wait, so how are you filling your time? Art? Fanfiction? Videos?

TER Airs at midnight Eastern right here (or click the image above). To call in: call in at (714)-888-7471 or go to the episode link and click the “Skype” Button.

*Discussion not guaranteed to be serious.

True Equestria Radio, Episode 54: Toast Sells Out

Tonight on True Equestria Radio, PonyToast offers you the opportunity to rant and rave, for the good or the bad, about Equestria Girls. Your predictions, your opinions, your cries of despair! Share your opinion at Midnight EDT right here! You can call in with Skype or by phone at (714) 888-7471. You can also listen on Fillydelphia Radio!

Tunes@Noon featuring 7thElement


The show is already over unfortunately, but you can listen to the recording. Below the original announcement.

Howdy folks! This week on Tunes@Noon we will be featuring the talented 7thElement, and his album Midnight in Equestria. So hop on over to Fillydelphia Radio at noon (Eastern) to catch the whole show featuring intros by 7E and some fantastic Brony rock.

The entire download is available over on Bandcamp, so make sure to support your artists!

Liveshows and Podcasts #3

Podcasts! They’ll make Yellow pony happy again.

Tunes@Noon 4/7/13


This week on Tunes@Noon, We will be playing music by two relatively-unknown artists: DJ Burst and Lt Andrei!

Tune in Sunday at Noon Eastern on Fillydelphia Radio!

Brony News Network

Especially check out that charity album!

My name is NewsBrony, and I don’t know if it would fit with what you normally do, but I do a weekly pony news video every Saturday if you’d be interested in including that somewhere on your site.

Here is tonight’s episode:

Newsbrony promises an amazing future guest star, new charity album, brony meetup map, and more…

Brony Meetup Map:…
Charity Album:…
Twitter: @Newsbrony

Bluescreen Bronies: Episode 22

Greetings folks, the Bluescreen Bronies are back again to bring you your weekly dose of gaming news with a brony flair.

This week we present to you:

  • Our wrap up of PAX East
  • Mane6 to be given the use of the Skullgirls engine via Indiegogo campaign
  • Cave Story with ponies
  • Origin gets hacked… again
  • and much, much more

Next Time on Episode 23:

Greetings folks, the Bluescreen Bronies are here to bring you your weekly dose of gaming news with a brony flair.

This week we present to you:

  • Mystery guest host
  • EA CEO steps down
  • Knights of Pen and Paper comes to PC
  • Mane6 dev team gets Skullgirls game engine
  • We review Aliens: Colonial Marines.
  • Special interview with Ms. Kimlinh Tran who some of you may know as Ms. Fortune from Skullgirls

Tune in Sunday night at 5 PM PST on Everfree Network ( ) and join in on the fun!

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Premiere of Tunes@Noon Podcast


Stay tuned for the premiere of new show scheduled to come out on Sunday, March 24!

Hey music-lovers! This Sunday, 3/24/12, Fillydelphia Radio and PonyvilleLIVE! will be premiering a new show!

Tunes@Noon, a show dedicated to new artists and new music, will be premiering on Fillydelphia Radio at Noon EDT on Sunday March 24, and every Sunday thereafter. The goal of this show is to spotlight new artists, while also premiering new music by known artists.

Sunday we will be featuring music by Cyril the Wolf and QDBrony from their new albums!

MLPCradio Podcast #12


Episode #12 of the MLPCRadio Podcast is now up!
Check out a live reading of the cult classic fic Sweet Apple Massacre
and a special review of pony metal musician Bronyfied.

I had heard that this was a good story, but I was wrong. Enjoy watching me rage at and critique this abhorrent, miserable excuse for pony gore fiction.