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SoGreatandPowerful : E30 (Love and Admiration)

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… obviously meant for Halloween, but I’ve had less and less time lately. It’s not really about Halloween anyways. It’s about being sent to the moon or, like, Siberia.

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TopNotchBrony – Ghost


Reading is fun, so you should read the description!

So at last, I made another PMV, it’s got some nice flow to it and I’m pretty happy with it. Not to long ago I met quite a few editors on skype and one particularly lovely one by the name of Jeremy, will hopefully be guiding me through my first After Effects only PMV! I had a lot of fun making this, so I hope you guys enjoy watching it!


Song: Ghost – Mystery Skulls
Amazing artist, check him out if you haven’t already!

Cheers guys, love y’all!

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UberUbler – Who She Is Hates Who She’s Been

PMV –  Who She Is Hates Who She s Been

Today we’re featuring an unknown artist, UberUbler. This is his only PMV at the moment, but he did a really good job at matching the lyrics of this Relient K song with clips of Princess Luna.


Song- Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been by Relient K

I’ve had this idea in my head ever since I saw the synopsis for episode four, and I even made the season 1 part a week before it came out.

Hope you enjoy it.


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Music: SoGreatandPowerful – E36 (Sofas and Quills)

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Perhaps as is the usual for SoGreatandPowerful’s stuff, I really have nothing to say, other than “Go listen.

Download :
Download (wav) :


Dedication :

If my music could sound like his art. A warm place…

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Brony (브로니) – Gangnam Style (강남스타일)

BRONY (브로니) – GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일)

Invading Hollywood, Israel, Japan, and more.
ACRacebest is now on Facebook:

Special Thanks to all who participated:
The Living Tombstone

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PMV: Hastily Made Ponyville Tourism Video

Created by Jhaller, Kefkafloyd, Aramek, and MusicByOctavia.  Based on the Cleveland Tourism videos.  Video after the page break.

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PMV Collaboration: 『P』『M』『V』 ~ ♪♬ ~ в ℓ σ ω ✭ ιι : в ℓ σ ω в α ¢ к ~ ♪♬

Looks like there’s a new PMV collaboration, featuring many fantastic community editors. You can find the video after the break, along with a list of editors involved in the six month long project (CAUTION: EPILEPSY WARNING DUE TO FLASHING IMAGES. DO NOT WATCH IF YOU ARE EPILEPTIC)! Read More »

Muffin Flashback 02 – Video: MLP FIM FAN FIC

And the Time Machine lands on June 29th, 2011 when EqAmRd of YouTube posted this video.  A little over a year ago but at this point in the community there wasn’t a ton of unique animation going on,  I can say this was the first video I watched that had anything unique outside of reusing clips from shows as most videos had been.  It also got major points with me because it tells a story without using any words.  This along with probably the next few Muffin Flashbacks are going to involve videos that use to live on the old right sidebar of DHN, in which we had a bunch of embedded youtube videos.  People always complained about them but I had the attitude that if my slow arse computer at the time coupled with a bad internet connection could handle it, people in civilization could.

Daring Doo Adventures by Ponyinabox, coming soon to Celestia Radio

What’s this? A new project from Ponyinabox? What could it be….

Also if you’re feeling generous, PIAB is collecting donations for OAR, or the Organization for Autism Research help spread the friendship and help out a good cause, full info here:…
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EverfreeNW [EFR] – Friendship is Witchcraft Short

Griffin Lewis and Jenny Nicholson gave a preview of the next upcoming episode of Friendship is Witchcraft during their panel at Everfree Northwest on Friday.  Here is the clip shown, sorry for quality but its obviously a camera recording a projection screen.  Enjoy.

Livestream provided by Everfree Radio –
EverfreeNW Pony Convention –

Friendship is Witchcraft by SherclopPones (Griffin Lewis) & Jenny Nicholson

Video recorded thanks to Everfree Radio and the EFNW Livestream.