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iAmxKoreaNx – Stars

Not sure exactly what it is about Cosmic Love that makes for good music videos.  If I were to hazard a guess, the drums.  Anyway, have a short but sweet PMV by iAmxKoreaNx featuring the Seven Lions remix of Cosmic Love after the break.

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theusbac – Iridescent (Linkin Park PMV)

Wait, wait, wait.  This is Linkin Park?  …I’ll be dipped.  Anyway, have a PMV by theusbac after the break.

My first PMV to a little more professional level based on Linkin Park, I tested my experience in After Effects and Photoshop to make this video.

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Ponyphonic – Twilight’s Journey

So I saw Equestria Girls just today.  Kind of funny really.  There was no one at the ticket booths, so I just waltzed into the theater and sat down.  I’d feel bad, but I had a press pass.  Anyway, have some Ponyphonic.  It’s gorgeous.

Twilight’s Journey (Remember Me)

When Twilight Sparkle set off for Ponyville to “make some friends!” she could never have imagined what fate (and a certain sun princess) had in store for her. So many adventures and wonderful times… and now, suddenly, everything has changed. As a princess, Twilight faces a multitude of new concerns, and she fears that the friendships that brought her all this way will begin to slip into the past. Still, she hopes for the best, and asks, in this time of great changes, that her friends not forget her.

A huge thank you to our dad for writing such a wonderful song and to our brother for putting together this awesome video!

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DinoDerp – On the Pink

The amount of pink featured in this video is absolutely insane.
Haven’t posted a PMV in a while. Thought I’d restart those with a good YTPMV!

Remember, if you’ve got any suggestions for good pony music, art, PMVs, anything pony entertainment related—feel free to tell me all about it! Either press the submit button on the side of this page or email

I look forward to hearing from all of you!

[PMV] The Moon Rises – Eile Monty Version

Princess Luna by *LeLittleLuna

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Pony Music Videos #1

Perfect study balance by pridark

Perfect study balance by pridark

Below the break a few PMVs submitted by their respective authors or our good Jordan Olling.

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24 Hour PMV Challenge: Results Video

Click for Youtube

Seems not too long ago there was a 24-hour PMV challenge.  This is the results of said challenge.  There’s a little something for everyone in here (considering it clocks in at about 40 minutes), so make some popcorn and enjoy.

[Big thanks to Lex Meek for sending this in!]

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My Littlest Pet Shop: Be Yourself

Twilight is Best Pony by Mamandil

Twilight is Best Pony by Mamandil

Thanks to Kelsey for this submission.

Fits FAR too well. To wit: one of the singers is Rainbow Dash’s voice actress.

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A Ponified Showcase of Dubstep by Document One

A PMV (Pony Music Video) I made for a series of dubstep songs by an artist by the name of Document One. They’ve got some really good music out there, so check them out one soundcloud ( The songs (in order) are: “The Feeling” by Document One (, “Rising Higher” by Document One (, and “Body Pump (D is for Document One)” by Document One (

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MLP Season 2 Tribute – How Far We’ve Come

MLP Season 2 Tribute – How Far We've Come

After working on and off for months, this pmv is finally done. I managed to squeeze every single episode of season 2 in there somewhere. I apologize if the timing is off anywhere, doing this in movie maker on a worn out laptop was not an easy task. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

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