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S.A.S.Falcon – Inside Her Nightmare

This song by S.A.S. Falcon reminds me that I haven’t played Irisu Syndrome in a while.  You should go play it.  Just make sure to check the game folder every now and then, and to have the game playing on the right side of the screen.  You can thank me later.

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Zorg – Reminiscence of years past (Dj Gestap remix)

The remix of remix… The original “Reminiscence of years past” was a remix of “B.B.B.F.F.”. It was created more than year ago and for me it’s best remix of this song so far.
In my version we have a bit of tech trance sounds and some improvisations with original melody in breakdowns.

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Daniel Ingram – Helping Twilight Win The Crown (Dj Gestap remix)

Two songs by DJ Gestap tonight.  Here’s the first:

This time it’s not pure trance as usual. I combined four genres in this track: trance, electro house of 00’s, a little bit pop music and breakbeat.

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Forte Fortissimo – Boggy Brew

BGM type music this time, apparently inspired by Fighting is Magic.  Such a shame the original game won’t be seeing the light of day…

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The Phony Brony – Wonders

More drumstep.  Enjoy:

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Claire Anne Carr – Get Up Get Down Rock!

Ah, the songs from Equestria Girls.  The Pop vibe actually very much fits the tone of the movie, at the cost of losing some of the timelessness.  That said, have a very solid rock cover of Get Up, Get Down by Claire Anne Carr after the break.

[Thanks to Sebastian for the submission!]

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Automatic Jack – Let Me Eat Your Muffins

The submitter for this labels the genre as ‘Cybergrind’, which I’m only guessing is the case because I think I recognize some of these SFX as coming from Sonic Spinball.  Anyway, I think DerpRa Media has a new theme song.

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Da Mane – Dragon-Do-Nothing Ft. Koltunn

30 seconds of pretty chill intro, the vocals come in, and I just laugh and laugh.  Anyway.

Finally I got to releasing a new full length song. Since I had been slacking for a good while before starting to work on this song, I felt a song about laziness was appropriate. Also, this is my first full track with a self produced beat, so I’m kinda happy about that. The cover art was drawn by me.

Koltunn is featuring on the 2nd verse, here’s his channel:

The Spike voice acting at the end is by a fellow MC and a friend of mine, TGSM:…

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Proctra – Sugarcube

Have some drumstep by Proctra this time around.

This was a huge project, and extremely pleased with the outcome. I enjoyed this as it was a very challenging project, exploring a lot of things I’ve never done before. This is an edit of the track you all will be able to buy off Beatport this coming August on my EP “Sucker Punch” being released by Inception Records.  I’d like to have a big shoutout to Chang31ing for the absolutely stunning visuals. You can find him and his Dj mixes over here.

Geeligan Stache – Throw It on the Ground (ft. Rina-chan as Queen Chrysalis)

Ah, The Lonely Island.  Or a parody, at least.  Listen to this after the break like a boss, would you?

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