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Lauren Faust OC + Main Six Concept Ponies

Some pretty neat customs for sale, if you’re interested.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I’ve been working on these in between commissions for a while, and I’d like to use them to help fund my trip to bronycon so these are FOR SALE! I’d like to sell all seven together before the end of the month, so please send me a note if you are interested and have a serious offer!

The ponies pictured are:

Firefly who became Rainbow Dash
Posey, who became Fluttershy
Twilight, who became Twilight Sparkle
Surprise, who became Pinkie Pie
Sparkler, who became Rarity!

And last but not Least, Lauren Faust’s OC! (I hope she doesn’t mind, I tried to ask her permission but got no response. Not surprising since I’m sure she is completely inundated with notes and probably doesn’t have time to read them)

Fesoferbex – Discord Custom Figurine (with Giveaway)

The custom figurine you see above was made by Fesoferbex, and he’s looking to give it away.  If you’re interested, click here.

MLP-Inspired LED-Illuminated Pendants

Illuminated Pendant: Custom Designs by WebMaka

Illuminated Pendant: Custom Designs by WebMaka

Hello, I’m WebMaka from the Equestria Daily chat, and I’ve been experimenting with making LED-illuminated pendants with things like cutie marks engraved into them.

Since several folks have expressed interest in these, I’m making them on a commission basis and as a fundraiser for Child’s Play. You can commission your very own version of any artwork I already have prepared – cutie marks for the mane six, three princesses, and several background ponies, as well as several other symbols, road signs, and custom designs – for $15 each plus shipping, with $3 of that going to Child’s Play, or if you want something custom such as your OC’s cutie mark, you can email me and we’ll go from there.

For examples, check my DA gallery at (most of the designs are posted there). For details, contact info, and a how-to on commission something, drop by

Thanks for your time!

WM, out…

(Hey WebMaka, you talked to me on IRC during our Bronies for Good chat, offering your help, and I said I’d remember your nick. It’s working so far. Thanks!)

Pony Tea Blends

Tea Party professor-ponyarity

If tea’s your poison, you may want to take a look at Adiago Tea’s fandom blends, which feature three sets of Pony-inspired teas.

Right now there are three creators of the MLP blends: Natasha N, China Wehr & Callie Segotta.
(Scroll down to see each creator’s other blends.)

Pony Jewelry

All In Good Time by ChaoticBrony

All In Good Time by ChaoticBrony

Recognize this piece? I saw it on the EQLA livestream, and according to the image description “[it] sold at Equestria LA’s 2012 charity auction for $300.” Le awesomeness!

It’s the work of ChaoticBrony, who “make[s] anything from sterling silver pendants, and rings, to hand engraved dog tags.”

Check out his gallery here.

Fan Merch: Charms from Tasty Peach Studios

Click for shop page

We have a bit of merch for you, this time apparently for charity.  Tasty Peach Studios is putting out preorders for the acrylic charms you see above, with at least some of the proceeds going to breast cancer research (they don’t exactly specify).  They’ll evidently be around 2 inches in size, rather big for anything other than a necklace or ornament. If you’re interested, check out the shop page here.

[Thanks to keikokukien at MLP Arena for finding this one!]

MyLittleKandi on Etsy- Blind Bag Jewelry + Rainbow Dash Cupcake

Click Image for Shop Page

On the merchandise front today we have Lauren Laufeyson, who has recently started up a shop on Etsy featuring jewerly made with blind bag figures.  The catalog’s a bit light at the moment, but it’s expected to expand.  The Rainbow Dash-as-cupcake keychain is pretty morbidly hilarious.

Merch: Fluttershy/RD Acrylic Painting by Garrett Gilchrist

Cannot Express My Delight

Cannot Express My Delight
by *tygerbug

Have you ever wanted a good MLP painting to hang in your house, but could never find one?
Well, here’s what you’ve been looking for.

This painting is of Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash cosplayers, done entirely in acrylic paint, and signed by Andrea Libman and Ashleigh Ball. That’s right, this piece of work is actually signed by the voices of Fluttershy and Ranbow Dash. This piece of art took 9 days to complete, and was sold at BroNYCon January 2012. I no longer have anywhere to put it and need the money to buy stained glass supplies.

If you’re interested in this painting, either click here, or click on the image above.

Beatnik Rarity Custom Plush

This is over on Ebay right now, with 9 days left on the counter. I can probably put money on it going for more than $4k USD. I really wish I could afford one of these without having to take out a loan …

Welovefine stocks my favorite design finally!

Filly Cooly Design - By: YikOmega

Remember the last voting round from WeLoveFine? Well, the shirt I liked the most didn’t make it. Now it’s in there!

yikOmega’s FillyCooly shirt. I’m ordering one for sure. I don’t normally advertise for Welovefine here because I hate advertising, but since it was my favorite I’ll abuse my power on this one. Head over to the BronyVille podcast guys and use their code for 10% off [bronyville10], we’re cool like that.

[Buy this shirt!]