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Pony Art Showcase #5

Lovely art (ref: see above and below images)! How your creative imagery has inspired all to create…well…even more art. Nevertheless, we’ve got some awesome artwork right below so be sure to check them out and comment on which you like the most!

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Compilation Art Post #4

We don’t have an art person anymore, so before these pile up for another month, have a quick digest.

Tumblrs and DeviantArt galleries first, individual pieces thereafter.

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Kelly Metzger Holding Art Contest

Kelly Metzger Pony by Agirl3003

Kelly Metzger Pony by Agirl3003

Kelly Metzger, the voice of Spitfire, is holding an art contest for a piece that she will sign at Fiesta Equestria and Cutie Mark Con. The theme is primarily Spitfire though a version of her OC has been submitted as well.

I’ve been adopted by the Brony community for the past 3 months and it has been fascinating and rather lovely, I must say.  So far I’m booked for 2 conventions: Fiesta Equestria in Houston, and Cutie Mark Con in Cincinnati.  I am very excited to meet all of you!  I announced on Twitter that I wanted to hold a little contest where fans could create some Spitfire inspired art and I would pick one of these pieces to sign at the conventions.

Head over here to her blog to view the entries and stay tuned to her Twitter account for updates. Good luck!

By the way, we recently reported on Dustykatt’s interview with her.

MLP Paintings by @SophieCabra

“Special Delivery”

Look up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…lost mail?

Another collaboration between :iconkenket: and myself. Today we have Derpy is doing what she does best….I guess.


“Lost in a Book”

This is a traditionally painted piece that I collaborated with :iconkenket: on. I used an old sketch of mine that some of you might recognize!

It’s a 5″ x 7″ piece and it’s for sale!


“Special Delivery”

The most unlikely and yet adorable of friends. But seriously, Fluttershy, stop looking at him like that. No, really. He’s going to get diabetes and turn evil again.

Collaboration between myself and the incomparable :iconkenket:

Traditional paint on wood measuring 5×7 inches.

All three are up for auction on eBay!

Compilation Art Post #3 [Update: Derpy Screensaver]

AJ-jumpy by WarpOut

Click the image above to go to the actual animation, it’s great! Also be sure to check WarpOut’s other animations, such as LunaDance and DerpyDance. If you want to see how the Applejack animation was made, go see the video by clicking here! WarpOut has also made a fully animated music video!

More great art after the break!

[Update:  You know you want it. — Doc]

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Daring Do Ask Blog Seeks New Artist

Unfortunate exchange again.

You’ve probably been noticing why there’s been little activity lately, Simply put the artist (Lying AJ) has been busy and with their main blog, life, and then college coming up for him he is regretfully turned the Ask Daring Do blog back over yo myself, Peri (Of ask Steven Magnet / Ask Periwinkle). Do not blame him, it was simply out of his hands. multiple blogs are difficult to run at once, side by side.

So, I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but I’ll be accepting new applications to take this fine blog. all applications MUST be serious, and it would help to have references to your artwork on hand as well. I would like to have someone also be able to update as much as possible, but again i realize I’m asking people to do this, not paying them. (everyday would be awesome, but unrealistic, once a week would be best, once every two weeks is kinda pushing it)

It is also good if you have skype, but if not, email will work. DO NOT SUBMIT HERE. ASKS WILL BE CLOSED.

here’s what ya do;

Add ‘Santisnight” on skype, with the message as follows

“[introduce yourself]”

“[a link or two of your art references]”

if you don’t have skype, email “” with the same information




Lyra’s Laptop Tumblr

Click for Tumblr

This could become a great tumblr and if you bronies haven’t found out about it yet, well I’m here to tell you about! Just like other pony tumblr, you ask questions and the artist answers them as soon as possible, however this tumblr’s artist is using 3D animation rather than the usual drawing aspect. There’s nothing going on right now on the tumblr at the time of this post, but that’s because the artist is working on the next animated post, so give it some time.

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Compilation Art Post #2

Twilights Library by Konsumo 

Yep! Once again, LHS has gotten submissions from some great artists, but its a little on the lighter side right now for this post. If you guys have some art that Equestria Daily has yet not posted or forgot about it, by all means submit to LHS! Can’t wait to see some more awesome art!

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Pony a Day Project

A Pony a Day: Snowfall

A Pony a Day: Snowfall

This is another one of our Help Wanted posts, because here we have a Tumblr brimming with pictures of lovely ponies, and all I, as a non-artist, can remark is that I see a distinctive but unobtrusive style being consistently maintained throughout drawings of many dissimilar OCs. The style unites them but—with each pony’s personality immediately apparent—doesn’t stifle their individuality in the least.

Well, that wasn’t too bad (or was it?). In any case, we need someone who can knowledgeably critique art Tumblrs. Please apply!

Pony a Day is an art blog dedicated to drawing OCs submitted by other people. It’s currently accepting requests.

The Glass Onion – Compilation Art Post #1

Derpy Hooves by WhiteLightningBolt

This will be Derpy Hooves News version of Equestria Daily’s “Drawfriend” posts. The reasoning behind the name “Glass Onion” is obviously adopted from the Beatles song of the same name. The song makes remarks of previous Beatle song’s and compiles them all into one song, so the “Glass Onion” on here would be of the same. The brony community makes wonderful artwork from various episodes and we compile most of them into one post. That makes sense, right?

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