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DILeak Studios – Sunrise Surprise

Why can’t I hold all these animations?

Been working on this one for a couple months with the rest of the studio. We worked really hard to get it released for Bronycon. Hope you enjoy!

DTV link.
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Silly Filly Studios – Fall of the Empire (Trailer)

Silly Filly Studios teases their version of Sombra’s downfall in this trailer, which you can find after the break.

‘Fall of the Empire’ is an action drama showcasing what really could have happened during Sombra’s downfall 1000 years ago, implying Celestia had provided a much abbreviated description at the start of season 3.

The animation is currently work in progress and won’t be done for several months As such there are several errors in this sample, but they’ll be corrected and re-rendered for the final product.

Action is fun.

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My Little Pony in The Sims – Episode 1 – The Hooves Family Animation


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The Sims: My Little Pony Edition, now available in an Equestrian GameStop that doesn’t exist in our dimension.

Fluffle Puff Tales: “All Boxed Up” Animation

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It’s Fluffle Puff! She has a box!…I think I spoiled too much.

Children of the Night

It’s been teased for a while now, but it’s now complete!  Check out this animation after the break.

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Gadget Clockwork – Derpy Wants a Muffin

$64,000 question:  does she get it?

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Mr. Poniator – Scrunch-off

I have a feeling that something is intensifying.

Lyra voiced by Awkward Marina (… )
Bonbon voiced by Emogak ( )

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Fantasy Anime My Little Pony, Episode 0

I have no idea what’s going on or whether this translation I did (which you can find after the break) is even close to accurate, but here you go!  Have the next(?) episode of TwilightLimits’ fantasy anime.  Apologies for the poor formatting below, WP isn’t being cooperative with tabbing.

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MrPoniator – What I learned today


Whee! Poniator has published a new animation!

Too much of a brony to actually watch the show? No worries, this video gets you up to speed.

…What the heck is season 3?

Screencap of the original post:
Read by an anon on vocaroo.

PS. I’m well aware some episodes are missing, but that’s how the original post was.

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Fantasy Anime My Little Pony: Episode 1

Not too terribly often you see Japanese MLP animation.  Even rarer is the fact that this is a silent film.  You might find it interesting, so you can catch this piece by TwilightLimits embedded with (rough) translation after the break.  If Nico’s giving you trouble, let me know and I’ll try getting a Youtube version put up.  Turns out there’s a youtube upload by the creator, never mind.

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