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Blastie Beats – Elements EP

Dubstep.  This album by Blastie Beats is not particularly in my taste (my tastes in dubstep are pretty fickle, to be fair), but it might be in yours.  Have a song preview after the break.

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Seventh Element – Cartoon Horse Convention Music EP

I liked Seventh Element’s stuff in Rainbow & Rooted, so have a whole album.

This is a compilation of stuff I’ve performed live at conventions this year. Not all of it is perfect, and really it’s just a bunch of stuff new and old that I’m putting here. Pay what you want, funds from this will help me get to bronycon. Enjoy!

sci – PLAYFUL PONI MUSIC!!! ^___^

A bit of a departure from his usual stuff, but still interesting.

[T]he entire album was an exercise in synthwork and melody writing. :)

Catch a preview past the break.

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Album: Road to Everfree

You can find previews of a couple of the songs after the break, if you’re so inclined.

Introducing Everfree Northwest’s first ever exclusive album: Road to Everfree! This album serves as a means to generate funds to get our performing musicians out to the convention for your entertainment! Each contributed song was created by a performing musician at this year’s Everfree Northwest and includes pieces by Silva Hound, Cyril The Wolf, ThatSonOfAMitch, Mic The Microphone and others! All profits go toward aiding our musicians with their flight accommodations, so if you can, please give them a hand on their road to Everfree Northwest!

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Album: Rainbow & Rooted: Four’s Fall Down

Looks like Rainbow & Rooted, from much the same folks behind Balloon Party, recently released.  Catch it by click the link above, or have a couple youtube previews by Skorp and The Living Tombstone past the break.

The authentic sequel to the superalbum series is here! A continuation from the original BALLOON PARTY album, Circuitfry, TripDiam, Datsmore, and the many volunteers from MyLittleRemix bring you RAINBOW AND ROOTED, a high-speed, hot swaggin’ album featuring surprising volumes of energetic talent.

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Rainbow and Rooted: Four’s Fall Down


Following up on the success from last year, we’re coming back to you guys with music in a different flavor! Rainbow and Rooted: Four’s Fall Down, for those who are a little new to the fans of ponies, is the real-deal official sequel to Balloon Party: 100% No Feeble Cheering, administered by the same folks who led the megahit album last year! A lot of new faces are in this round and we are ambitious to begin fundraising for this Bronycon in Maryland! Last year, our success came in bringing a party-cramming 20+ musicians from all over the world to one spot to perform livestreamed music for fans to enjoy. We want to be able to make this exciting get-together happen again!

This sky-high quality album, guaranteed to be distributed to the public for absolutely free, is a representative of the one and only Rainbow Dash! She’s fast, she’s stylish, and her album promises to be an awesome tribute to her coolness, and no, we won’t be diving into fractions jokes, stay with me, ladies and gentlemen. We’re set for the album to come in like a little pony hurricane on June 4th, and it will be, yes, so awesome.

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Our Previous Albums!

Album: TheDashDub – Royal

The always amazing “TheDashDub” has just released his full album, titled “Royal”, which features “Luna’s Night” (4:09), “Rising Sun” (3:39), “The Crystal Kingdom” (4:48), and “Destiny” (5:14).

The album can be bought off of Bandcamp for $4.00 ~

Listen to the full album after the break:

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Charity Album: Welcoming Spring

Welcoming Spring

Chords of Chaos has released a third charity album—this time they are welcoming spring.

Through the window I can watch another intense snowfall right now, but my apartment is already filled with the warm sounds of the next season, courtesy of CaptainFluffatun, Miles Tiden, Macarou, and Kingsley Evergreen.

The proceeds are going to Your Siblings, and thus to the Safe Project orphanage in Uganda, which is building a guest house to ensure the financial security of up to 50 children, who need food, clothing, and education.

You can find a preview behind the break. Please donate generously.
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Album: Claire Anne Carr–Sheer Pony Attack!

An entire album of rock pony music for 4$?
Yes, please! As a taste, here’s each and every one of the season finale’s approximately 243 songs rock-ified:

Whole season finale has been rockified by Claire Anne Carr and released together with his whole new album – Sheer Pony Attack (My Little Pony Rock! III)

As for the album itself–

Welcome to the Third stage of My Little Pony Rock!

Sheer Pony Attack is a tribute album for the Friendship is Magic series.

Includes 10 reworked Rock! songs from season 1, 2 and 3. 1 original song included.

Link to listen/purchase/download:

Track List:
1. The Perfect Stallion Rock!
2. I wasn’t prepared for this Rock!
3. You Gotta Share Rock!
4. Butterflies and Hummingbirds (Dark Version)
5. Babs Seed Rock!
6. Raise this Barn Rock!
7. Love is in Bloom Rock!
8. Magical Mystery Cure Rock!
9. 99 Buckets of Oats in the Wall Rock!
10.Hush Now Quiet Now (AtoMantic Remix)

Babs Seed Rock! is my personal favorite~
Which is yours?

Love it? Hate it? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks to Sebastian Krzyszkowiak, dos, for letting us know!


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Danielpony & TheDashDub – Hush


Lovely! And in case this needs pointing out, it’s more of a pony song and a very tranquil one too, so don’t be afraid to relive the horrors of the eponymous Buffy episode.


I once again Collabed with the fantastic Danielpony! Visit his channel at… if you havent already. :) Anywho It seems that yesterday i hit 900 Subscribers! That is incredibly awesome. I’m so happy there’s people out there that like my music. Its truly a fantastic feeling. You guys are the best! Also, C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER. This song ends my streak of consecutive Scoots + Dash Songs. Who’s hyped for “Stay calm and Flutter on”? THIS GUY!! However, no matter how good it is, it can’t possibly be better than “Sleepless in Ponyville.” SCOOTS AND RD ARE BEST PONIES!!!!!

Fantastic Fluttershy Art:…

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