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Trek To Trot: A Fandom Tale

A panfandom documentary is in the planning. Also check out their Indiegogo fundraiser, YouTube channel, and Facebook page. Trek To Trot: A Fandom Tale, explores the exponentially growing pop-cultural fandoms made famous by Trekkies, Furries, Otaku, and Bronies in an attempt to discover what draws people to these fan communities. Is it really just the […]

Super Ponybeat – Mirai Start! (Euro-Senpai Mix)

Mirai Start (Japanese OP for MLP:FiM) Original by Mimori Suzuko Remix by Eurobeat Brony MIRAI START (Japanese OP for MLP:FiM) || Original by Mimori Suzuko || Remix by Eurobeat Brony [ARTWORK CREDIT BELOW!] Buy the track or Download for free (type in 0 for the price) at… You all knew this was coming. When […]

Fanfiction Documentary in the Works

Thanks for the reminder; the announcement got stuck in the todo folder for too long. They don’t need any monetary donations, but music and art contributions as well as suggestions are very welcome. Good luck! Good day fellow Equestria Thespians, We are proud to announce a MLP:FiM fan fiction focused documentary to be released at […]

Interview with Robert Nigro (SFX Artist of Double Rainboom)

What was meant to be a casual conversation with a friend turned into a full blown interview! I sit down (over Skype) with my acquaintance Robert Nigro, AKA Neoridgeback, and how he stumbled upon the fan-made, MLP:Friendship Is Magic episode project “Double Rainboom” and wound up making a big impact in its production! Rob’s Deviantart: […]

Compilation Art Post #4

We don’t have an art person anymore, so before these pile up for another month, have a quick digest. Tumblrs and DeviantArt galleries first, individual pieces thereafter.

Apports #4

A brief statement of the source of an illustration, known as a credit line, is usually appropriate and sometimes required by the owner of the illustration. Apports below.

Gadget Clockwork – Derpy: A Moment of Silence

Poor Derpy :c Pinkie Pie voiced by TheEmoGak! Sad Music:… Dubstep:… stupid random thumbnails ruining everything

Liveshows and Podcasts #3

Podcasts! They’ll make Yellow pony happy again. Tunes@Noon 4/7/13 This week on Tunes@Noon, We will be playing music by two relatively-unknown artists: DJ Burst and Lt Andrei! Tune in Sunday at Noon Eastern on Fillydelphia Radio! Brony News Network Especially check out that charity album! My name is NewsBrony, and I don’t know if it […]

kanashiipanda – Once Upon a Time in Canterlot

Thanks to Equestria Daily for the heads-up: We need more of this! Next, kanashiipanda needs to animate Octavia beating up those three changelings before some others come to help her: Fluttershy should fight an effortless Aikido style with more and more changelings joining her randori but hardly ever even touching her while tumbling over each […]

My Little Po-Mo

My Little Po-Mo was described to us thus: My Little Po-Mo is a review blog with a twist; instead of summarizing episodes and saying if they’re good or bad, every week I critically analyze an episode as a work of postmodern art. And as of today, I’ve finished the first season! Highlights so far include: […]