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The Next Pony DJ

The Next Pony DJ is a contest and a game and an audition. We are looking for talented and dedicated people to be our new disc jockeys for Fillydelphia Radio, Alicorn Radio, and Luna Radio. And best of all, the listeners will be the ones to decide who sticks around by voting on Twitter. The […]

True Equestria Radio celebrates 60 episodes!

Join in the festivities as True Equestria Radio celebrates its 60th episode by being wacky, as usual. The crew and I will be answering your calls and talking about your speculations for the future of the brony fandom. Call in at midnight eastern at (714) 888-7471 or by skype at Also check out the […]

Tunes@Noon Featuring DJ-Spr0Ck3t

This week’s Tunes@Noon is featuring the talented and not-so-well-known DJSpr0ck3t. Check out his awesome electronica tunes on Fillydelphia Radio at Noon Eastern!

True Equestria Radio Episode 55: The Waiting

Tonight of TER, there’s going to be some serious discussion* about what YOU are doing in preparation for Season 4. We’ve got a long time to wait, so how are you filling your time? Art? Fanfiction? Videos? TER Airs at midnight Eastern right here (or click the image above). To call in: call in at […]

True Equestria Radio, Episode 54: Toast Sells Out

Tonight on True Equestria Radio, PonyToast offers you the opportunity to rant and rave, for the good or the bad, about Equestria Girls. Your predictions, your opinions, your cries of despair! Share your opinion at Midnight EDT right here! You can call in with Skype or by phone at (714) 888-7471. You can also listen […]

Tunes@Noon featuring 7thElement

The show is already over unfortunately, but you can listen to the recording. Below the original announcement. Howdy folks! This week on Tunes@Noon we will be featuring the talented 7thElement, and his album Midnight in Equestria. So hop on over to Fillydelphia Radio at noon (Eastern) to catch the whole show featuring intros by 7E […]