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Twilight the Unicorn

And now for a short animation in which Twilight goes on an adventure to Sugar Cube Corner with Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie. Hilarity ensues in this parody of another well known video series. Find the video after the break, brain cells are not required.

My Little Pony: Friendship Was Magic

A new animation from the desk of tiarawhy (this one completely safe for work) that takes a look at what might happen if the villains won. Chalk full of flashbacks and a reference any anime fan should be able to pick up on, tiarawhy gives us an interesting take on Equestria and the mind of […]

Twitch- Flutterborn

A very nice song blending Fluttershy’s vocals autotuned to the Song of the Dragonborn from the ever-popular Skyrim and an electronic backdrop with some piano thrown in for good measure. Any fans of Skyrim (or Fluttershy for that matter) should give this one a listen!

Tavi & Scratch, a Musical Mini Series

Movement 1: The Argument In a beautiful and experimental effort, artist Yourenigma has been crafting a “mini series” of instrumental songs telling a story revolving around the troubled relationship between Octavia and Vinyl Scratch. Using a blend of classical and electronic genres, he manages to paint a beautiful picture through sound and emotion. Movements two […]