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Equestrian Hidden History: Episode 1 – Nightmare Moon

This is actually pretty fantastic. The group behind it promises a monthly release and the talent involved is pretty spectacular, so ya’ll should give it a listen! Join us on an epic journey into a hidden history of our beloved Equestria… in this fan-made Radio Drama series chronicling the rise and fall of Nightmare Moon! […]

Griffin Lewis – Pinkie’s Brew (Synthetic Orchestra Remix)

As a long time fan of Blake Robinson, and instrumanetals in general, this is just too awesome to pass up. Hey guys guess what. I’m still alive! My deepest apologies for not actually uploading anything for the past 8 months, it’s been pretty crazy around here lately. However, I’m pleased to announce that the hiatus […]

DinoDerp – On the Pink

The amount of pink featured in this video is absolutely insane. Haven’t posted a PMV in a while. Thought I’d restart those with a good YTPMV! Remember, if you’ve got any suggestions for good pony music, art, PMVs, anything pony entertainment related—feel free to tell me all about it! Either press the submit button on […]

Spacebaseloop – Dancefloor Domination

Seriously. We could easily have a dance club that played nothing but pony music and it wouldn’t get old. Vinyl always dominates the Dancefloor Links and video beneath the break!

Night Breeze – Magic Duel

Ah, no way I can say no to a good instrumanetal! Downloads and video beneath the break. Classical-ish pony piano track go! I hope you enjoy it. [Edit] I just realized that today, the day I uploaded this track, is the same day I uploaded my first (serious) pony track “Another Day Passes By”, 1 […]

Caramel and Dot – Cloudchaser (In My Heart)

These vocals are the best I’ve heard in quite some time! My buddy and I worked on this song and wanted to see if you’d like a taste of some acoustic music. It’s a special banjo piece written for one wonderful pegasus, Cloudchaser! After months of working on this song (8 to be exact) it […]

TheDashDub – Destiny

And DashDub creates yet another fantastic instrumanetal piece. There’s really nothing more for me to say that I haven’t said about his previous work, though I can say that I’m particularly fond of the string part in this piece. Check it out: you won’t regret it! This is the final Song to my “Royal” EP! […]

Koltunn- 10 Seconds Flat [PMV] (DashStep Cover)

Far from being perfectly put together, this piece is a tribute to one of everyone’s favorite ponies – Rainbow Dash! Koltunn has excellent character and humor, but the lyrics could have used a bit more work. Be sure to check out this up and coming artist–especially if you’re also fond of the rainbow pony! Wow! […]

Not A Clever Pony – For The New Lunar Republic (Dj Gestap trance remix)

I didn’t know this song could get any better – really love the scattered vocals throughout this piece. Take a listen! Some people asked me about it. So, I made it. By the way, thank you for this idea because I really love the original song. My remix of “Not A Clever Pony – For […]

Coloriot – Wonders

Pretty fantastic, this. Taking the ideas set out in So Many Wonders and expending on them with this sort of sound is really darn cool.  This guy definitely had loads of fun making this. My first actual contribution to the fandom! I pretty much took the a capella of So Many Wonders, and arranged it […]