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Neu KatalYst – No Smiles For Those Left Behind – For Inkie Pie [Ambient DnB]

  Originally for the Soft Spectrum album project, the first version of this song had drums that were “too overpowering” for the mix at the time. So I took it through a total overhaul in a remaster, and now I think it sounds good enough to release as its own single. I may not have […]

Super Ponybeat Ultimate Cross – Pinkie Pie Circuit

Next, we go on to Pinkie Pie, who has entered the Mario Kart GP!! She is going to drive with her Party Cannon, which it will shoot bananas, shells, fake items, and Spiny Shells!! She can nail every turn with her drifting technique called “The Pinkie Pie Style!!” That is where Rainbow Dash and and […]

Arvianth – Bring It On!

A sountrack for a battle of Shining Armor and King Sombra. This scene wasn’t very long in the show so I thought I could extend it a bit ^^ Artwork: mp3: flac:

Trotting Through the Meadows of Ponyville – Sunshine Smiles

An original 8-Bit composition of my own. All notation and VSTs used are created by me. Original Background – Original Fluttershy Sprite by Desktop Ponies Download MP3 –

Maxey – Violet Sky

Ive been working on this song on and off for months, I believe it is by far the best song I have ever made and I am glad to finally have it finished (inb4 this gets completely overshadowed by shave the crystal ponies -_-). This song is about Luna’s emotions leading up to her turning […]

Omnipony – Clouds (Vortex Remix)

Yet another remix!~ :P Finished this one not so quick, spent alot of time working on it. The remix contains samples (the voice slicing) from the original by Omni. Download link: Omnipony: Original song: Awesome cover by: Stalk me OR NOT: Hope you guys like it! :D merry […]

Twitch vs. Twilight Sparkle – BBBFF

YET MORE MUSIC :o So this is the las piece of music you’ll hear from me in a couple of weeks since I’m traveling to CHINA for two weeks now! Exciting! :D Anyways, I just love the melody on this, so I couldn’t resist making a remix of it! Cheers!! ;) ——————————————————————————– ­——————————– LINKS: Free […]

Twitch – Pegasi (Sonic Breakbeat Remix)

—Download Below— Merry Christmas everypony!! — FREE Download: DONATION Download: Artwork by myself (Background Style): Artwork by myself (Album Cover Style): — Twitter:!/Sonic_Breakbeat Facebook: Band Camp: SoundCloud: EQBeats:

Counterwise – Liftoff

Yay ponies. This track was mainly inspired by Scootaloo, but more specifically, the final scene of Sleepless in Ponyville. I was kinda going for the classic progressive house kind of style too, resulting in my longest song yet xD And although this is not at all Christmas-y, consider it my gift to you all. Have […]

Rainbow Skies (Winter Wrap-up Sherbet mix)

Because sometimes, winter gets wrapped up early. Merry Christmas (and other holidays)! Consider this a gift to you subscribers and random viewers. Thanks for 250 subs, and see you next year! Download at my soundcloud:, or via dropbox (right click and hit save as): Or, for wav-y goodness: BPM: 138. Art is […]