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Journey of the Spark – Convention Tour 2013

Journey of the Spark send 0ver some details about several conventions they will be attending this year.  The first convention they will be attending is PoN3Con in Nebraska that is taking place sometime in May 2013 as a special guest of honor.  Mr. Ridenour (writer/director) will be holding two panels, one for the Journey of […]

Ponyinabox – All Aboard featuring Applebloom

A new beautifully illustrated project from Ponyinabox, this time staring Applebloom as she finds herself on a strange journey as she tries to find her cutiemark, where it leads is anyone’s guess, but it certainly leads Somewhere.

Help Wanted

I’m currently opening the inbox for applications for people to help out with this site.  In general its all about checking e-mails for the submissions people send us, while also posting anything you stumble across in the fandom that deserves to be seen.  There are no pre-listeners or pre-readers, its up to the individuals given […]

Ponyinabox – Doctor Whooves Adventure [EP5] & Dr. Whooves & Assistant [EP 7]

xxxx Who is this strange Doctor? I don’t know him… This isn’t good. Not good at all. How will Derpy handle this new Doctor, and will we ever find out what happened? Meanwhile, our own Doctor seems to be elsewhere: Artwork by Anaxaver The Doctor awakes after a strange incident….but something’s not right. Meanwhile in […]

Music: A Moon Ballad (by J Carlson feat. The Runner1230)

Ponyinabox – The Storybook Project: The First Pegasus & New Daring Doo Adventure Short

From Ponyinabox Productions, two new features.  The first, The Storybook Project: The First Pegasus followed by a new Daring Doo Adventure short.  Kind of like old timey drive-ins.  All after the page break.

Journey of the Spark – Interviews at Midwestria, Cutie Art Crusaders & BroNEcast

Eric Ridenour and the crew of Journal of the Spark has been making some rounds in the community to speak about their full length, fan animated movie.  In the interviews they answer some common questions and concerns about such a project.  Interviews include the Midwestria 2012 panel, a recent interview on Cutie Art Crusaders on Everfree […]

Ponyinabox – The Tom & Bloomberg Show

Automatic Jack – Scootachicken

GS – Professional Party Pony