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Lyra Heartstrings Entertainment to Idle

Well it probably will not come as a surprise to anyone who has frequented this site, but the staff has decided to idle for the time being, so we can put our efforts into our main site, Derpy News. The site will remain online as an archive and for the possibility that in the […]

FO:Equestria – Tales of a Junk Town Pony Peddler: Mr.Sandman

In the remains of Equestria, Prodigious Peddler, a trader in the wasteland wanders from town to town. After a run in with a Ratter, Peddler and Sunbeam find a stable hidden on a hill behind some dying bushes. The floor is black and odd music plays…this stable may have more to it than meets the […]

[PMV] The Moon Rises – Eile Monty Version

Bluescreen Bronies: Episode 22

Greetings folks, the Bluescreen Bronies are back again to bring you your weekly dose of gaming news with a brony flair. This week we present to you: Our wrap up of PAX East Mane6 to be given the use of the Skullgirls engine via Indiegogo campaign Cave Story with ponies Origin gets hacked… again and […]

Fallout Equestria: Tales of a Junk Town Pony Peddler

Eyup PIAB in the Falloutverse, t’was only a matter of time. In anycase, this is a series of Cowboy Bebop-Esq shorts centered around Prodigious Peddler, a salespony traveling the Equestria wasteland, and it’s just completed it’s first three shorts (after the page break):

Dr. Whooves Adventures: Shadows of the Lunar Republic

NOTE: Canon-wise this story takes place before Wrong Way Backwards The Doctor and Twilight head home…only to find something waiting in the darkness… Based on the Comic Lunar Shadow by Cybertoaster:  Link And check out the Ask Viva Tumblr!: Link Episode 1: Link Episode 2: Link Episode 3: Link TV Tropes Page: Link ALSO NOW WITH ASK BLOG And remember […]

Rainbow Dash Presents: My Little Dashie

Daring Do Adventures (Episode 1) – Daring Do and the Sapphire Stone

Hiya guys! We over at Ponyinabox have a new radio play that just released this time about Daring Do! It just hit youtube and it would be awesome if we could get a post! Have some copy-paste if you like: Ponyinabox has a new radio play this time staring everypony’s favorite safari hat wearing archaeologist/adventurer! Listen to Daring […]

This Week on Lunar Transmission

Leatherneck here once again, just kidding Ground Control here once again taking over his blogger account again.  This week’s a bit of an interesting one as we have two musicians of complete opposites in sty…AND I’M BACK, huzzah for back door programs courtesy of PrimeSonic! Being that we have another musicians special, I’ve called upon […]

Site Promo – The Harmony Machine

The Harmony Machine ( is a new site that compiles the news and information posted by the various media outlets in the pony community.  Its something I do enjoy promoting as even in the real world you really shouldn’t just stick to a single media outlet, unfortunately in the modern world news in itself has […]