Apports #6
by Telofy, June 25, 2013 at 10:00 am EST
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These apports were still in our todo box. I hope some of them have already been posted and just not properly marked, but skimming the recent posts here, I couldn’t find them. Have fun!

  • Journey of the Spark Panel at PON3 Con 2013
  • A Brony Survey
  • Ponies in Real Life Video
  • Android Application: Draw Little Pony
  • Why You Should Give Equestria Girls a Chance
  • My Little Musical
  • Nightfall Game Info
  • Bronystate Fanfiction Contest: Through the Looking Glass
  • Help Mimi Havivy Smile
  • Equestria Girls Review
  • Mo’ Ponies

Journey of the Spark Panel at PON3 Con 2013

Hello DHN! This is Eric Ridenour again from Journey of the Spark. Recently, we held a panel for the movie at PON3Con. We figured we’d send off the fully recorded panel to you guys to give it a little attention.

A Brony Survey

This one seems unavailable at the moment. Maybe it’s already over.

Hi, I’m doing a survey for a high school project. Would it be alright if you post this on your site?

Ponies in Real Life Video

This is a recompilation of Ponies in real life, made by me with the program After Effects and using green screen.

(The content of the video is in english with text and subtitles in spanish, to be more international)

Android Application: Draw Little Pony


I create android application “Draw Little Pony”

Poster in app.

Link to Google play:


Are you a brony? Or just want to learn how to draw cute ponies, citizens of the magic country of Equestria? If you do, then you should download our app. There it is shown how to draw these wonderful ponies, characters of animated serial ‘My little pony’, step by step. Everyone from the youngest fans to adults can do this. Download and create your own fairy world with slogan ‘Friendship is magic’! Good luck!
At the moment there are:
– Twilight Sparkle
– Rainbow Dash
– Pinkie Pie
– Fluttershy
– Applejack
– Rarity
– Spike
New ponies will be in next updates!

Why You Should Give Equestria Girls a Chance

My Little Musical

After spending nearly two years in development, it is my pleasure to announce open auditions for “My Little Musical”! “My Little Musical” is an original two-act audio production, planned for release as a digital concept album. Now that the music and book are approaching completion, we are in need of artists to help make this project come to life! That means we’re looking for voice actors, singers, musicians, and sound editors and mixers!

For all audition materials, please visit our website at

Nightfall Game Info

I’m Night Breeze from Silly Mare Games, and I’ve made a post in our blog detailing some updated information regarding my newest project, “Nightfall”, and how development is going so far to keep people updated. I’d like to share that with you, if you’re alright with it!

Anyway, here is the link to the post in case you’d like to check it out:

Bronystate Fanfiction Contest: Through the Looking Glass

The object of the contest is to write a one-shot piece of fanfiction describing what you think Equestria Girls will (or should!) be like! And, remember: anything goes! Do you want their high school to be haunted? Go ahead! Do you want to flip their genders? That’s fine too! Do you want them to secretly be robot pilots that fight eldritch horrors in their spare time? WHY NOT? As long as the story is reasonably self-contained and meets the minimum word count, as well as the content conditions outlined below, anything will be accepted!

See below for details on prizes and other conditions!

Prompt: Equestria Girls one-shot! What do you see in the future for our ponies-turned-humans?

Minimum Word Count: 2000 words


  • First prize gets first pick from the prize list below, and will be read on-stream in the voice of one Morgan Freeman (substitute)!
  • Second prize gets second pick, and a review spotlight on the above stream.
  • Third prize gets the leftovers, and a review spotlight on the above stream.

The prize list is as follows:

  • One (1) Steam game, under 10 USD, courtesy of Reikim
  • An artistic commission of your choice, courtesy of the wonderful and talented Chobibi
  • Any line you want (and we mean /any/ line) said in the voice of your favourite pony, courtesy of the absurdly-connected Scoot-Scootaloo

Rules and Content Conditions – No rule 34. Period. There’s a difference between sex as a plot point and sex as a plot, and believe us, we know the difference.

  • No excessive gore. See the above. Gore for gore’s sake is just as bad as sex for the sake of sex.
  • No hatefics. If you’re going to tear the premise apart, please, put some thought into it; if you’re just here to complain about the show’s existence, please, go elsewhere.
  • No taking existing plots and pasting them wholesale into the EG universe. That’s plagiarism, and that’s a big no-no. At least /try/ to be original about it.
  • Crossovers are perfectly fine, as long as the EG cast remains central.
  • Bronystate is an English-speaking service. That carries over into our contests. British or American dictionaries only.
  • Spelling and grammar will be given particular attention. A typo here or there will be overlooked; excessive errors bordering on illegibility will not. Grab a proofreader, save a sanity point.
  • All entries will be judged on even grounds. You will not be deducted points for using a specific scenario or theme, so long as it adheres to the guidelines given above; you will only be judged based on your skil in executing the story.

Submission Instructions

Oh good, you’re still here. So that means you’re at least vaguely interested!

Submissions will be accepted between 12 AM June 17, and 12 AM June 24. Please do your best to ensure your entry is in .doc or .docx format, and openable in Word 2010 or earlier; we’re pretty good at finding ways of making things work, but if for whatever weird reason we can’t open your entry, we can’t very well judge it! If you want to, you may also submit a link to your story on FimFic, FanFic, or whatever site floats your boat; might as well take the chance for some self-advertsement while you’re at it!

All entries should be sent to

We look forward to your participation!

Help Mimi Havivy Smile

Update: See the comment section for further details.

My name is Lou Gagliardi. I am the host, and owner, of Cantercast one of my little pony’s many podcasts. I heard FlutterCliff’s plea for written letters to the Havivy Family and if you haven’t, he’s asking here. Well, I’m taking it one step further.

I am, without the Havivy family finding out, looking for people that are well-versed in five of the mane six and the Princesses (Luna, Celestia and Cadance) to write letters to their daughter, Mimi, letters of encouragement and friendship in only the way Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Twilight Sparkle could for Mimi’s Birthday as well as pass off a small blind bag toy of that particular or some other token that comes from that character.

I was hoping the major brony news sites could help with that. Please, if you do post this, let them know that they should email with the subject, “Letters to Mimi.”

Have a fantastic day!

There’s also a write up here for better details.

Equestria Girls Review

We at the Brony Clubhouse recently attended the world premiere of Equestria Girls in LA. Here is our review!

Mo’ Ponies

I’ve got a Let’s Play series I’ve been doing for a while called, Mo’ Ponies. It’s a fan game series where I play a group of fan games (and sometime official) while offering my usual commentary style. I also always include the links to games used in each video in the description (just thought I’d mention this as I still get asked about where I got the games).

Here’s the first episode:

Here’s the playlist:

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    As of this moment, the only letters we need are Twilight and the three princesses (Cadance, Celestia and Luna.)

    Thanks for the help!