Apports #4
by Telofy, April 14, 2013 at 4:39 am EST
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A brief statement of the source of an illustration, known as a credit line, is usually appropriate and sometimes required by the owner of the illustration.

Apports below.

Fanfic Review Show

I go by many names. Some people call me Frank. Some people call me Bill. Others call me Maclom Poupuffnik, and others call me Ralph Waldo Emerson.

And some say that that wasn’t funny. Anyway, I wanted to tell you about a relatively new fanfiction-based show that I am producing along with a few other people. Each week we read a different fanfiction, usually ones that are not well-known, then create a review based around that fanfiction. Our style of review is very similar to that of the Nostalgia Critic’s. Our reviews are located here:

Fallout Equestria: Heroes Audiobook

Just trying to get the word out on my project as Heroes doesn’t have an AB yet. Putting out a chapter or three week depending on time.

Story MST archive

I have found a site that archives various riffs on pony fanfiction from around the web. I’m gonna link to it here.

Fallout: Equestria RPG

I’m not sure if you two have already posted about this or not, but there’s a Fallout:Equestria RPG in the works. It’s made a decent amount of progress since it began back in May, and it has a website over at The game also has a level editor and other assorted development tools included, so it should be fairly easy to adapt various Fo:E fanfics into their own games once the game is in a further state.

Oh yeah, and the source code can be found at As of now it’s a pain to compile on Windows, but if you’re using Linux it should be fairly easy to set up and test it out.

Pre-Order #8 – 2 years of Pony Pins Celebration


Pre-order #8 has opened!

This day 2 years ago was when the very first pin order opened. Then it was just the Rainbow Dash CM pin and no others. Since then you all have requested all sorts of pins to be made. I want to thank all of you for ordering pins from me and allowing me the chance to give back to this awesome community.

As part of the 2 years of pony pins celebration if you order 10 pins or more you will be entered into a drawing to win a custom fashion style pony of your choice made by Darkly Cute Customs.

In celebration of the pins 2 year anniversary the Rainbow Dash and Trixie cutie mark pins will be remade to match the rest of the cutie mark pins. The new pins this time around are a Darkly Cute/PinFilly cutie mark and Stained Glass (you guys have asked quite a few times when you would see a pin of my pony), Princess Twilight Silhouette, Shining Armor Silhouette, Princess Cadance Silhouette, and the Traveling Pony Museums Mascot Pin.

All of the pre-order information is linked below:

Pin Designs
Pre-Order #8 Order Form
Current Pin Prices

Ponies invade

Not anymore, but I saw it! There were ponies there!

I’m using UsabilityTools services for some data analyzis on usage of my websites. Today I went to their main page in order to login to my account, but something stopped me on main page… To be specific, that “something” was Twilight and Derpy :D is returning

Way back when me and a few ponies gathered and created during season one. After running into personal issues, financial problems, and other issues. I have decided to reboot the site and put it back into action. Running all custom code from the ground up and a complete overhaul of the front end. It is currently a work in progress, but is very close to a beta release, and when visiting the site now Twitter updates can be seen and followed along with a display of our development progress (currently %75)

I’ll also link a media kit below with a few WIP screenshots of the site.

It would really help build some hype for the re-release of this site.

Thank you for your time and have a nice day

Cantercast is looking for a sound producers

Hello Bronydom!

My name is Lou Gagliardi, I am the owner and mane host of the only nightly my little pony podcast, Cantercast. My sound producer and co-host left the show for greener pastures. Now I’m looking for someone that can do a google+ hangout with me monday through friday, really at any time but night is preferable. 18+ only. You must have experience running a sound board, though some training can be provided. You must also want to be on air, talked to on air and actively participate in the show.

Not only will your face, and voice, be on youtube but you’ll be on iTunes as well! You’d also be apart of a great network in, that is Geek I/O Studios

email with a brief email, using the subject CANTERCAST PRODUCER, explaining who you are, what experience you have and things like that (if you say best pony is rainbow dash and not Trixie, you get bonus points :P )

I’d like to get someone ASAP. Go to or to hear what you’d be getting yourself into.

So till I hear from you..keep calm, watch ponies and Canter On!

Equestria Digital Project 2013

It’s been over a year since Equestria Digital released the Winter Project, and since then, both the fandom and ED has grown much larger.

The 2013 Project is a collection of the absolute best the fandom has to offer when it comes to customizing your desktop.

One hundred and fifty wallpapers line the walls of ED 2013, and Equestria Digital itself, as a dA group, has over 3000 wallpapers. So I recommend you check those out!

In addition to our dA group, we have a forum! Right here is where you’ll find like-minded artists, tutorials, and critical feedback on your work.

I hope you all enjoy 2013, both the year and the Project!


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