Album: Le Soldat Pony – Disharmony
by Doc, January 28, 2013 at 12:19 am EST
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An album from Le Soldat Pony featuring some pretty sweet tracks, with proceeds going to Seeds of Kindness.  Catch the first track’s youtube upload after the break, or click above for the album’s Bandcamp page.

Just an alternative charity album with some chill tracks, some up-beat ones, and some in between. Massive thanks to And the Rainfall, Eccentrifuge, and Mr. Nohbdy XIII for helping me through the editing stages of this. You guys mean more to me than you know.

Album art:

So, I finally got this album thing released. If you can give to Seeds of Kindness and want a little music out of it, go check it out here:

Also, Rhyme Flow is so completely boss. Go show him some love

Album art by the fantastic Shadowluigimwahaha (

Before you were born
Back in the days when I could mold the world
To how I saw it
Behold the chaos brought down
From flying orbit

Give me what I want
Nothin but a storm
All the ponies run
Forever won’t be long, will it?

Order in the court, better yet, bring Disorder in the Court.
Discord plays accordion of course.
He’s the Weird Al of the pony verse, only worse.
And his reign is a blessing and curse.

A blessing to the weird and chaotic and demented.
A curse to the rest of list not represented.
Back in control like a Game Pad
Making all the sane mad. Making all the insane glad.

And it ain’t bad.  What’s wrong with a little Chocolate Rain.
Giraffe legged rabbits, and the Buffalo Ballet.
A few seconds before the night and the day.
You might wanna play in a minute, and then nap within the shade.

Chaos is the way of the world,
and order is the way that it settles when all has unfurled.
Chaos is the sand in the pearl.
Chaos is the way that the Oyster makes all of the colors swirl.

Who would ever want to take that away?
It’s like living in eternal night, never calling on the day.
Oh wait, you considered her a bad guy.
Trust this Draconequus Put order on the Standby.

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